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Tu Jo mila to (ragsan) prelogue

OK so this is my first ragsn actually swaragini ff hope you all like it so I won’t blabber more I will just do shri ganesh of my story

So here we go
This is prelogue
Actually this is actually an extract from one of the episode
2 ppl r conversing in a room one male n other female who they r will b revealed later OK so let’s hear what the are speaking
“All that was between us was just a part of your revenge ”
“It was necessary ” said the other one avoiding eye contact
“Disgusting I don’t believe it ” the person comes 2wards the other and cups his/her face
” the love which I saw in your eyes was real it was not fake never ever”
And hugs him/her the person is trying to stand stiff but a lone rebellion tear escapes the eye ,the person cups the face and , the other one holds his/her hand and removes them and nods no

So this was prelogue a kind of promo actually
May b you all have a lot of questions like who are the 2 ppl
How the story will go etc etc
You may ask all queries bashing complements complains whole heartedly welcomed so tell me to continue with the story or not

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