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Hey! It’s me Anshita here with another promo of ME, YOU AND PASSION! Since I haven’t posted since a really long time, some of you might’ve forgotten all about the story. So, just for all of you to recall the previous storyline, I’ll be adding the link of the previous episode for all those who’d been missing up on any part or had forgotten about the story.
Here’s the link: click here

So let us begin….

A college trip to Shimla has been planned over the winter for all the students of the campus, and both Sonakshi and Dev will be going to enjoy their winters with all their friends and especially, with each other. On a brief count, most of the students have applied for the tour over the vacations, including Rahul. Over the short period of time spent by Dev and Sonakshi along with the rest in Shimla, plans for confessions will surely be made, but whether they’ll turn out to be a successful or not is still a key question.

(Sonakshi’s POV)
I know this has to be it. It certainly has to. I am sure I love him, I am sure he loves me, I am going to be getting really close to him, although I already have, then, why do I seem to be getting such a strange feeling? Is there something terrible that is on its way to both me and Dev? Does destiny have to play its own games? Or, is here something, or rather someone, who’s trying to come between us? God, I’ve always been devoted to you, and in return, I wouldn’t ask for anything more than keeping me and Dev together, at the end of the story. I know this will be tough, very tough indeed, but I know that if we both really love each other, we will surely be able to overcome all obstacles. After all, isn’t this story all about me, Dev and passion?

(Rahul’s POV)
I know I won’t fail this time, definitely not. This time, I’ll make sure that Dixit hero is nowhere close enough to my Sona. And, if he dare do so, I know only too well what will happen next. Although I’m sure he wouldn’t even think of coming anywhere near Sona, of course, since he’ll be utterly disgusted of her, I’ll still make sure Sona herself keeps out of reach, willingly. This is really going to be fun. A movie worth watching is soon coming up!

(Dev’s POV)
This is it. Yes, it definitely is. Now, another few hours and then, me and Sona will no longer have to name our relationship by using the term ‘friendship’. I’ll confide, surely. And, as far as I know, I’m sure she wouldn’t be dejected. After all, she too loves me, right? This is going to be the greatest day of my life. The day when me and my true soulmate become one forever is nearing, but despite all the happiness that is entering my nerves, why do I feel afraid? Nothing terrible is to occur, I’m sure. Then why, why do I get such a feeling as if, as if some great danger is coming towards me and Sonakshi. But, no matter what happens, I believe me and Sona will just be able to make it till the end. Yes, we shall indeed.

What is the great danger both Dev and Sonakshi sense all about? Is it something, or rather someone, who wants to cause some great trouble between the two? Perhaps it might be their imagination, but if it is so, what is Rahul up to? Has he gotten anything to do that will cause some great destruction in two lives, or maybe more? Is this trip meant to bring Sonakshi and Dev closer or pull them apart for a bit too long, if not forever? Will these two souls really be able to make it together till the end to become one? Or, will it take a bit longer than they’d ever expected?

To know more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

How was it? Hope it was up to the mark, and if not, do let me know so. Although it is a promo, I’ve tried to make it lengthy enough to please all my readers. Do drop in your comments/suggestions! I’d eagerly be waiting from head from all of you.
And, I’d also like to thank all those who’d commented on my OS- NIGHT-TIME. To all those who haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the link:


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