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Lakshmila by Cynthia (episode 5)

Hey guys, I am back with the epi 5. Sorry, but you guys have to bear some more epis without Lakshmila scenes. Hope u will like this epi😄.

Episode 5…
The entire asur👹 troops are ready to fight.
Ram along with Sage Vishwamitra and Lakshman arrive at the battle ground.
The asurs cheer saying “All hail lady Tadaka’s troops, will triumph!”
Subahu along with Maricha arrive at the battle ground. An asur explains the rules of battle and commands to start the battle.
Lakshman and Ram gets ready with their arch and arrow. Asur troops proceed towards the brothers. Ram shoots an arrow which turns in 10 arrows and pierces the hearts of the asur. Lakshman’s arrow turns into fire and burns asur. The war goes on like this until an asur stealthily tries to attack Ram, but shoots an arrow at him without looking. Only few asurs were left alive.

Tadaka’s place…
Tadaka rests in her bed while an asur messages her legs
Tadaka: The warriors must be killed by now, hahaha, every one knows my army is the best, and these teeny soldiers didn’t.
Asur: You are right.

Every asurs got killed except Subahu and Maricha.
Lakshman: We have killed your troops, call your coward leader, Tadaka, we want to fight with her.
Subahu: First you have to beat me!!!
Lakshman: Alright.
The fight begins.
Subahu injures Lakshman.
Lakshman injures Subahu. They kick each other punch each other, finally Lakshmna gets the arrow and shoots. Subahu coved with blood falls over. Maricha hurries and takes Subahu in his arms and hurries to medicate him.

Tadaka’s place…
Physician checks Subahu and applies ointment to heal him.
Tadaka: Physician, will my son be alright.
Physician: Not sure, he hot injured my a special kind of arrow, we just have to wait and watch.
Tadaka: Maricha, where were you when Subahu was injured.
Maricha: I was too busy dealing with Ram, and that Lakshman challenged you to fight with him.
Tadaka: How dare him, no one ever dared to challenge me and this tiny warrior did it.
Maricha: Yes, and also he called you a coward.
Tadaka (furious): WHAT!!! Now I challenge him that he won’t see the moon tomorrow.

In the battlefield/ground…
Lakshman: Guru, I think we have won.
Sage Vishwamitra: Not yet, Subahu, Maricha and Tadaka got spared.
Ram: Yes, guru is right.

Sita in the forest makes a statue using the clay, Sita was trying to make a replica of Ram, also the holds an arrow and arch in the same way Ram did in her dream.
Sita: When will I meet him? when? why destiny is playing a game with me? why doesn’t this person appear in front of me?

Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja’s room…
Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja worries about the marriage of Mandavi and Shrutkeerti.
Chandrabhaga: I am really worried, swami, I hope Sita being bhoomija doesn’t make my daughters leave unmarried.
Kushadwaja: Sita being bhoomija, how does that links to our daughters’ marriage.
Chandrabhaga: It does, if someone disagrees marrying Sita, the reputation will be ruined leaving my daughters’ future at stake.
Urmila overhears them.
She gets really furious.
She goes inside the room.

Urmila: How dare you say this sbout my Sita didi, what she has done to you.
Chandrabhaga: You better not interfere.
Urmila: I am not interested in your personal conversation but I cannot bear when someone badmouths my didi.
She runs away, she feels sad.
She goes to the garden.

Mandavi looking for Urmila, comes to the garden, she sees her and hides, then she shouts loudly to scare Urmila.
Mandavi: What happened, you look sad.
Urmila: Nothing didi.
Mandavi: Please, don’t hide, tell me as a friend, don’t just keep it to yourself.
Urmila: Woh, didi, I overheard choti ma badmouthing Sita didi, she said that Sita didi might keep your future at stake.
Urmila explains Mandavi the incident.
Mandavi angrily walks towards Chandrabhaga and Kushadwaja’s room.

Mandavi: What did you think, ma, why did you day these inauspicious things about my Sita didi, the one I love more than my parents.
Chandrabhaga: I didn’t mean that.
Mandavi: So what did you mean, ha, you made me feel ashamed.
Chandrabhaga: Urmila told you this, I knew it.
Mandavi: Urmila wasn’t ready to tell me I forced her to do so, mostly Sita didi took care of me, the one whom I love unconditionally.
Chandrabhaga: I am sorry.
Mandavi: You should be ma.
Kushadwaja: Mandavi, is right, you shouldn’t have badmouthed Sita.
Precap: Tadaka and Ram’s battle
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