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Raglak – Ishq Bulava (One Shot)

Raglak – Ishq Bulava
One Shot

Hello, everyone! This is my first OS on Raglak. I’ve been reading all Raglak OSs continuously and I guess that’s what made me write this.

So, without further ado let’s proceed further.

• • • • •

“Dinner’s ready”, she muttered and walked out of the room as he kept on looking towards that direction. He wondered what had gotten into him for the past few days that he had been noticing her so carefully.

“Lakshya, dinner is ready”, she came back after a minute repeating herself and bringing him out of his thoughts. “Yes, I’m coming”, he replied arrogantly rolling his eyes at her and she walked away giving him a disgusted look in return.

Things had always been similar for the two of them. She had always been an egoistic and modern yet, traditional girl who couldn’t adjust with anyone unless it’s meant to be for her own interest or for her loved ones while he, Lakshya had always been an arrogant businessman whose priority in life was his father, Durga Prasad and his work and he didn’t consider it important to adjust or cooperate with anyone else.

He had been married to her only because of his father, Durga Prasad. His father wanted him to marry her and his father being his utmost priority, he never disobeyed him.

Before the two of them started their married life, they had dealt with each other of never giving this relation the true meaning. They decided to behave like a happy, married couple in front of their families just for their sake who had been very happy over their marriage and everything between them personally would be official.

“Do you understand when I say that dinner is ready?”, she asked barging inside the room furiously. Lakshya threw his files on the bed and angrily walked towards her. He cornered her to the wall shocking her by the proximity between them and said, “Ragini, don’t act like my wife. You know you aren’t one.”

She looked at him and pushing him away said, “Even you don’t try to act like my husband. Stay in your limits. Come down and have dinner. Maa has been calling you since long”, she completed and went downstairs with Laksh following him.

The next morning, Lakshya woke up early as usual. He was an early riser and the mornings were his time to keep him updated about the current affairs and at times about his schedule for the day.

Lakshya had been into his tablet for a while checking the current affairs when he heard the sound of unlocking a door. He looked up from his tablet towards the couch, the place where Ragini slept to realise that all this while she had been missing from there.

He looked at the direction from where he had heard the sound of unlocking the door and saw his so-called wife coming out. He followed her as she went and stood in front of the dressing table.

He looked at her carefully. ‘What was it that has been making me feel attracted towards her?’, he thought looking at her. Her saree was neatly draped exposing her white, milky waist. He noticed the water droplets slowly fall down from her wet hair and trail down her exposed back while she hummed a song ever so softly.

‘How come I’ve never noticed that she’s so beautiful?’ Lakshya thought all to himself, but the next instant shooed his thoughts away. ‘I can never fall for this egoistic girl.’, he thought and looked back into his tablet.

Lakshya had never admired Ragini’s qualities and neither did she admire his. The only quality the two of them admired of each other’s was the way they had instantly accepted the families as their own.

“Lakshya, I am going to the temple on maa’s insistence. Don’t tell anyone you don’t know where am I if they ask you about me”, she said and walked out of the room without giving him a minute to reply.

He sighed thinking about the way they had been dealing with each other since the last few months. He was disturbed by the fact that all this while they had just been giving their families false hopes regarding this marriage.

“Lakshya”, Ragini muttered as he looked up from his tablet. He arched his eyebrows trying to ask what. “Maa is calling you down to give you the offering”, she said and he looked back into his tablet.

“Maa is calling you down”, she repeated herself, but he didn’t care. She walked towards him and sat down on the bed beside him. She took the tablet from his hands and walked to the other corner of the room.

“Ragini, give that back to me”, he shouted chasing her. Lakshya had been running after her for the past few minutes to get his tablet back, but it wasn’t to any avail. Ragini had been running around the room laughing her heart out and enjoying the current scenario.

“Ragini, give me the tablet back. I need to go to office as well”, he said motioning towards her and as he was about to corner her to the wall, she pushed him away and climbed upon the bed. “Go down first”, she remarked crossing her arms across her chest while Lakshya was proceeding towards her.

Lakshya tried to snatch the tablet from her hand and in the process both of them fell down on the bed with Lakshya on top of Ragini. Lakshya removed Ragini’s hair from her face carefully and tucked the hair strands behind her ear.

Ragini could only smell his cologne and it smelled absolutely brilliant. Ragini looked at him and was lost in his deep brown eyes which reflected a mix of emotions. It was tough to understand his feelings.

Lakshya was on top of Ragini when Annapurna entered their room and let out a chuckle. Lakshya looked up at his mother and quickly got up from Ragini. He snatched the tablet from her hand when Annapurna said, “Lakshya, come down.”

Ragini too got up from the bed in the meanwhile and adjusted her saree being embarrassed. Lakshya adjusted his tie and said, “I’m coming.” Annapurna nodded and went downstairs while the two of them glared at each other angrily and Lakshya picking up his coat walked out of the room.

‘What’s gotten into me? Why didn’t I stop him when he touched me?’, thought Ragini. She too had been going through the same dilemma Lakshya had been for the past few days. She felt an unknown bond towards him which made her change her attitude towards him.

She hadn’t been behaving the same way she used to just after they had been married. ‘Have I started loving him?’, she thought for a while, but it seemed like impossible to her. ‘I never can’, she mumbled and went down to help Annapurna in the household work.

Later in the day, Ragini had been humming a song while arranging her cupboard when she received a call. She checked her phone and found Lakshya to be the caller. She picked up the call and said, “Yes?”

After a matter of seconds she replied, “What would I do in your business meeting Mr. Maheshwari?” She had been arrogant enough in spite of him talking to her politely. “I’ll be ready by 7”, she replied again.

“Sorry”, she muttered just before disconnecting so that she didn’t have to face any queries from his side. Apologising to him hadn’t been a great deal for her lately as it used to be before. It didn’t hurt her ego and pride.

The clock struck 7 as Lakshya entered the house searching for Ragini. “Maa, where’s Ragini?”, he asked shouting. “I’m ready”, she replied climbing down the stairs adjusting her wrist watch.

Lakshya looked towards the staircase and she looked absolutely gorgeous in the black and golden saree she had chosen for the evening. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, his wife. Things had surely been changing now. Lakshya who couldn’t tolerate Ragini in front of his eyes, couldn’t take his eyes off her now.

She snapped her fingers in front of him and asked, “Aren’t you getting late? I hurried up only because you told me you would be late otherwise.” “Yes, let’s leave”, he replied and both of them left towards the car.

The journey in the car had been quite as it always had been whenever they were alone together. But some things had surely changed. Stealing glances of each other was something new both of them had been doing all the while until they reached the venue.

“1.5 crores”, the auction began as Lakshya bid the value. “2 crores”, Mr. Birla remarked. The auction had been going at a really good pace.

“5 crores”, remarked Mr. Birla again thinking it to be the last time. The auction had come to a still unless Lakshya bid, “6 crores.” Ragini looked at him shocked while Mr. Birla bid, “6.5.” Lakshya was about to bid a higher value when Ragini held his hand tightly not allowing him to continue the auction anymore.

“What do you think of yourself?”, Lakshya shouted throwing his coat on the bed as they entered the room. “Lakshya, listen to me for once. I’ve done this for your betterment”, Ragini pleaded.

He turned towards her and tightly held her by the shoulders. “Do you understand that I’d been waiting for this meeting for the past one year and now when I had the chance to finalise the deal Mrs. no, no, Ms. Ragini Gadodia comes out of nowhere to destroy everything”, he shouted at her. She looked at him painfully hearing the words `Ms. Ragini Gadodia` from him. “Lakshya,..”, she started, but he interrupted shouting, “Leave my room.”

“Lakshya!”, she muttered softly yet, painfully. “I said leave”, he shouted and pushed her out of the room. He closed the door on her face and the tears rolled down her cheeks. She couldn’t understand that why all this had been mattering to her when she should’ve been actually happy for getting some time alone for her and most importantly she could stay away from Lakshya at least for a night.

She walked towards the guest room to spend her lonely and painful night. She settled down on the bed and reminisced Lakshya’s words. “I was doing it for you”, she mumbled letting the tears roll down. She cried thinking about the evening and after a while she felt asleep.

The next day, Ragini was in their room sitting on the bed thinking about the previous evening. ‘Did I do a mistake by not allowing him to make the deal? But that land didn’t even cost a crore and he was going up till 6.5 .’, she thought as Lakshya barged inside the room.

She looked up at him and wondered why he was home so early. “Lakshya?”, she muttered as he tightly hugged her and said, “That land was worthless. Mr. Sahni fooled all of us. Thank you for saving our company from suffering this huge loss.” Lakshya completed making her smile.

He pulled back quickly and pecked her right cheek. Ragini looked at him shocked as he tried ignoring any kind of eye contact with her. ‘Would she feel bad about it?’, thought Lakshya. Ragini hurriedly left the room to avoid the awkwardness that had been created between them with Lakshya calling her from behind.

In the evening, when Lakshya returned home after a long, tiring day, he found Ragini in the kitchen. He had been missing her all day long and wondered why. He went to their room and called for her, but she kept on ignoring him.

“Beta, Lakshya is calling you”, Annapurna said seeing her son’s continuous efforts. “Maa, I need to knead the dough. Will you please listen to what he’s saying?”, Ragini replied politely. “It’s okay beta. I’ll listen to what he’s saying”, she said and walked out of the kitchen to listen to her son.

“What happened?”, Annapurna asked entering the room. “Maa, I was calling Ragini”, he complained. Annapurna smiled and sat down on the bed beside him. “You love her nah?”, Annapurna asked. Lakshya looked at her confused. ‘Was it really love or was it just an attraction?’, he thought and laid down on Annapurna’s lap. She caressed his hair.

“I don’t know maa. I don’t know what’s love. The only thing I know is there is something special in her. May be it’s just an attraction. I keep wondering about her all day long, I miss her in the office, I’m happy when she’s around me and restless when she isn’t. I like everything about her maa whether it’s her ego or her kindness. Whether it’s her hatred towards her enemies or her care for her loved ones. If this is what love is, then I’m surely in love with her”, he completed as Annapurna smiled. “I’m happy that you’ve loved the girl we’ve chosen for you”, she said caressing his hair and he got up with a jerk.

“Do you mean I’m in love with Ragini? Do you mean to say that all this is happening because of love?”, he asked curiously. Annapurna nodded and smiled at him. “Okay, I need to go now. I’ll try to send your wife and then the two of you can spend your own quality time”, Annapurna said getting up from the bed. “Maa!”, exclaimed Lakshya embarrassed.

After dinner, Ragini went to their room after she cleared the table. She entered the room and found it empty. She tip-toed and quickly grabbed her pillow and blanket from the bed. She walked over to the couch and placed them quickly so as to not bother Lakshya.

She turned around to take out her night wear from the wardrobe when Lakshya came and stood in front of her. She widened her eyes and looked at him shocked. ‘Why is he here?’, she thought fakely smiling at him.

He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer to himself. Her hands rested on his chest and she looked at him blankly. ‘What is he trying to do now at this hour of the night!’, she thought as he caressed her face.

“Lakshya”, she stammered while he softly muttered an apology. “For?”, she asked. “Actually..”, he hesitated and tucked the hair strands that had been falling on her face behind her ear. Ragini closed her eyes and asked, “Actually what Lakshya? For the morning?”

Lakshya nodded and Ragini added, “It’s okay. Mistakes happen.” Laksh loosened his grip over her as Ragini freed herself and went to change.

‘She named my love a mistake? Does she think it was all a mistake? Is she confused about her feelings too? I think so. I’ll do anything to make you realise your feelings Ragini. I promise.’, he thought laying down on the bed.

Ragini changed and laid down on the couch. ‘I wonder what has been happening to me! His touch seems to be creating some magic on me. Infatuation is something really very interesting.’, she thought and soon the two of them fell asleep with different thoughts in their minds.

The next day, Laksh returned from his office early. He had decided to spend most of his free time with Ragini to help her realise her feelings.

Ragini was reading a novel when Laksh entered the room. “Ragini!”, he remarked. Ragini looked up from the book and asked, “How are you home so early?” “I’m done with my work so, I thought of coming back”, he replied leaning against the wall. “Hmm”, Ragini replied and continued reading her novel.

‘Did I come back early to see her reading this novel?’, Lakshya thought and moved towards the couch. He sat beside Ragini and took the book away from her hand. “Lakshya, give the book to me”, she said, but Lakshya hid the book behind his back and replied, “You can read these books in the morning too. Now, I need to talk to you.”

Ragini looked at him blankly wondering what he would talk to her when he said, “Would you come for a concert with me?” Ragini jumped in excitement and replied, “Of Course. I would love to.” “Here are the tickets. Be ready by 8”, Lakshya replied.

Ragini stood in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear when someone brought a pink saree in front of her. She turned around and saw Lakshya holding an elegant pink saree in front of her. “This is so beautiful”, she remarked taking the saree from his hands. “Not more than you”, he mumbled to himself, but it was audible enough for Ragini to hear and turn a light shade of crimson.

Ragini and Lakshya reached the venue where the concert had already begun. Ragini frowned upon it, but slowly she was enjoying the concert. “My favourite song”, she told squeezing Lakshya’s palm who had been busy glancing her since they’d been attending the concert.

“Which song?”, he curiously asked and Ragini replied, “Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse. Have you heard it?” He nodded his head in a no. ‘Currently I had only two tasks in my regular schedule. One, my work and second, admiring you’, he thought and smiled to himself.

It had been two weeks since Lakshya had been returning home earlier to spend some time with Ragini. The two of them enjoyed in each other’s company and their relation had grown stronger over the time. Lakshya meant more than a friend to Ragini, but little did she know that he was the person for whom she’d do anything in future.

One day, Ragini had been waiting for Lakshya to return to have dinner along with him as she always did. Lakshya had been late that day compared to the other days. She called him, but he disconnected the call. Ragini was sad. She had become used to spend the evenings along with him.

Lakshya returned home at around 1 that day and found Ragini asleep on the sofa. He slowly walked towards her and admired her beauty, her cuteness, her innocence and everything. He had completely fallen in love with Ragini, the girl whom he never expected to hold even a little place in his life.

He picked her up in his arms and climbed up the stairs. He entered their room and gently placed her on the bed, a place where he always wanted Ragini to be, just beside him. He kissed her forehead and walked over to the couch to sleep for the night because he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable when she would wake up beside him the next morning.

The entire of next week Lakshya had been busy with some foreign clients and consequently he couldn’t return home earlier. Ragini waited for him everyday and usually fell asleep on the sofa. He would then pick her up from there and lay her down on the bed.

It had been four days now and this was the last day that Lakshya would be keeping so busy. Ragini owed to stay awake till he returns by doing anything, but sleeping.

She had been reading a magazine for a while when she read an interesting fact. It said, ‘If you want to find whom you’re in love with, you should close your eyes and the first person you see in front of your eyes is the person whom you love.’

Ragini excitedly closed her eyes and saw Lakshya smiling at her. “Lakshya?”, she mumbled. “Ragini, again a problem”, he replied. She frowned and arched her eyebrows to ask what was it. “Ragini, the problem is that you’ve fallen in love with me”, he said and Ragini smiled. Her imagination slowly faded away as she opened her eyes with a huge, satisfied smile spread across her face.

‘Lakshya, I love you! Am I not dumb to understand this so late? I love you’, she thought and twirled around in the hall. She bumped into someone and looked up to find Lakshya smiling at her antics. “Dinner?”, she asked. He nodded his head and both of them had a quality time.

Days passed by and Ragini and Lakshya’s love for each other had been growing stronger over the time. They liked each other’s company, they admired each other. Everything seemed to be different. It seemed as if they were living a completely new life with each other.

One fine day Lakshya decided to take Ragini on a date, a date where he decided to confess his feelings and his love for her. He didn’t care if Ragini didn’t love him back, but he wanted to express his heart out to her no matter what.

Lakshya planned everything for the evening, but to their misfortune it had started pouring heavily. They couldn’t go out for their date. Ragini didn’t have the slightest clue of the destination and was pretty happy seeing it pouring. She went out in the rain to enjoy herself as she had always done.

Lakshya stood inside watching her, but he couldn’t control his desires and wants for long. He was mesmerised on seeing the love of his life so happy. ‘She looked even more prettier in the drenched state, enjoying herself in the rain.’, he thought and walked out to the open terrace attached to their room.

He walked towards and pulled her closer. He placed his arms over her waist and her hands were placed on his shoulder. She was humming a song. “You look beautiful”, he whispered moving close to her. She blushed a little which wasn’t visible in the darkness of the night. He tightened his grip on her waist and pulled her even closer. He asked permission through his eyes and she closed her eyes in approval.

He slowly licked the water from her lips and the two of them were soon engaged in a slow and passionate kiss. They pulled back after a while when Ragini seemed to be out of breath. She quickly hugged Lakshya and he hugged her back. “I love you”, both of them whispered together and smiled to themselves.

• • • • •

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