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Hi 🙋 Guys I am so happy 😊 seeing your response thank you soooooo much. Today’s epi is a bit long so no bak bak….


Anika to dadi: Dadi I won’t be able to come for next few days.
Dadi: Why? What happened? Is everything ok dear.
Anika: Ji Dadi everything is ok, actually I have some function at home so I have to prepare for that. Sorry Dadi I won’t be able to come.
Dadi: Arre it’s ok dear 😊. You take care.
Anika: Ji Dadi bye 🙋.
Dadi : Anika go and tell this to billu before you leave.
Saying this dadi goes giving no chance to Anika to argue.
Anika thinks and after mustering alot of courage and remembering the early morning incident she moves to her billu ji’s room.

Anika come and stands outside and Shivaay senses her presence and without turning calls her in
Shivaay: What are you doing there Anika, just come in you don’t need my permission.
Anika gets taken aback by his statement firstly he could sense her presence and secondly she doesn’t need his permission to enter his room gave her a 440V ka jhatka. (shock)
Anika enters and goes near Shivaay while he is all the while busy on his laptop 💻.
Shivaay : Say what happened Anika.
Anika: Vo actually mujhe chaar dinno Ki leave chahiya.
(Vo actually I want leave for four days.)
Shivaay was a bit shocked hearing this.
Shivaay: And why so.
Anika: Kuch zaarori kaam hai.

(I have some important work.)
Shivaay gets angry 😠 and says
Shivaay: So the work you have hear is a waste of time.
Anika: No. Mera Vo matlab nahi tha.
(No I didn’t mean to say that.)
Shivaay: Oh really then what did you mean.
Anika now loosing her cool 😎 and getting back to her Shairni (tigress) avatar.
Anika: Aapki problem kya hai billu ji choobiso ghanta aap aapni taadi me rahat hai.
(What is your problem Mr. Cat 🐱 24/7 you are in your arrogance.)
Shivaay: What kind of language is that Anika.

Anika showing her hand to him
Anika: Baas bohat Ho Gaya aapka, kal Mai kaam par nahi aarahi and that’s final billu ji.
(Stop it Mr. Cat 🐱 tomorrow I won’t be coming to work and that’s final.)
Before Shivaay could say anything she leaves doing his signature step.
While going
Anika whispers: Baagad Billa. (Wild Cat.)
Shivaay shocked, Anika rocked…..


Ishu: Guys don’t you think that this Demonetisation has created alot of problem for people. I mean so many have to suffer as they don’t have new currency.
Ani: Right Ishu see so many innocent kids life has to suffer because hospitals are not accepting the old currency although they are ordered to do so.
Soums: Right di all the daily wage workers also have to suffer how can they stop their work and go to bank and stand in line for hour just in order to get their hard earned money exchanged.
Ishu: So many people have to suffer as no one is accepting 500 & 1000 notes and many won’t be able to meet their two squares of meal.
Pragya who was hearing to this discussion comes towards her daughters and sits on sofa and says
Pragya: No loss no gain.
Ani: Matlab.
Pragya: If we want to improve our society then we need to face such drastic steps and learn to cooperate as well.
Ishu: But mumma.
Pragya: Look Ishu all the people who are suffering out there are not suffering just because of Demonetisation but even due to inhumane behaviour of the people.
Demonetisation isn’t new at all and neither it’s taking place for the very first time and nor India is the first country to face it. Countries all around the world have faced Demonetisation so, we can’t blame it to be wrong. Changing of legal tender (currency) may not be normal but it will definitely give us long term benefits and talking about the problems faced by people in hospitals , we can’t accuse our government for it, they have asked the hospitals to accept old currency but hospital official’s have turned a deaf ear to the needs of people and they aren’t willing to accept money. It’s responsibility of all the doctors to understand the problem as not any single person is suffering but every one is and all are well aware about it. Instead of helping each other and supporting our government people are coming up with excuses. We all want India to be a developed country but if we do not contribute only or refuse to take up any responsibility then we do not deserve to question our government or accuse them for all the wrong happenings.
Abhi who had just returned accompanied by Karan heard their conversation, comes forward and takes a seat and continues
Abhi: Dear every decision has both pros and cons but it’s us who has to decide what we want to overlook the pros or the cons. Do you know this decision of our prime minister has led to so many drastic changes.

Ani: Like what papa.
Abhi: Like people in Kashmir were going for riots and then the government had to put a curfew there but due to Demonetisation no person over there is going for riots not only there but in any part of our nation no riots have taken place since this decision was out obviously it’s because no one is paying people to do so as they don’t have new currency. So in a way Demonetisation has helped in ending the never ending conflicts.
Karan: Moreover, all the black money 💵 which is coming out will only help in improving the economy as market will get huge amount of money, which generally people had stored that for various reasons.

Ani Ishu Soums get into deep thinking 😔 after the debate, but something strikes Soums
Soums: But what about”BHARAT BANDH” strike.
Abhi: All those who are against Demonetisation are going for “BHARAT BANDH” strike but I feel that this is absolutely wrong because every minister has always talked about development but now when our nation is going towards development some people have problem with it just in order to satisfy their greed or due to some personal grudges.
Pragya: So girls now think about all this later and help me with preparation for day after tomorrow’s puja.
All the girls accompany her while Abhi and Karan leave to get changed. But all this while all of them are keenly think about their discussion.

Singhaniya’s are all set to host GANESH JI’S PUJA AT THEIR PLACE.
The house is beautifully decorated in white and silver with lots of lights adorning the pillars of the mansion and flowers 💐 are beautifully arranged around the stairs and the house, the puja has to take place in the garden where a huge pandal has been set all the guests are being invited inside by Abhi and Pragya while all the three devils are getting ready in Anika’s room. Karan and Abeer are all ready.
Karan is looking dashing in off white sherwani with a beautiful brooch on his sherwani giving it a royal touch while
Abeer is wearing cream and blue combination sherwani and is looking amazing.
They both descend down the stairs and Abeer sees someone and gets super happy and runs to that person and hugs her tightly.
Abeer: Mom when did you come back.
Madhavi (Abeer’s mother): Just today in morning.
Abeer hugs hi father (Kuber Malhotra) as well.
Karan also greets them by touching their feet and hugging them.
Singhaniya’s & Malhotra’s are relatives.
Abhi: Karan fo call Ani Ishu and Soums.
Karan: Ok papa.
Abeer chal. (Come Abeer.)

Both leave towards girls room.
Karan knocks the door.
Karan: Ani when will are you guys going to come down.
Ani opens the door and asks both of them to get inside.
Anika: What happened Bhaiyu why are you shouting.
Karan: Ma & papa are calling three of you down the guests have started to arrive.
Abeer: Jaldi chalao tum log , vaisa bhi kitna bhi make up laga lo lagna toh tum Saab na chudail hi hai.
(Come on all of you, get ready quickly and there is no need of applying so much make up because you girls will be looking like ghost only.)
All the three give him a deadly glare and Ishu throws a pillow at him.
Soums: By the way if you can’t see we are already ready. I just have to do some make up, wear earrings, bangles, sandals, straighten my hair and
Abeer cuts her : Bas bas bas kuch toh khuda ka khoof karo pichaala do ghanton se tum teeno kya kar rahi thi.

(Stop stop stop at least have some fare of god, what the hell you three were doing since previous 2 hours.)
Ishu replies: We were getting ready.
Abeer: Then why aren’t you all ready.
Karan: Agar toh aisa hi inka saath KBC khelta raha na toh toh yeh log Ho chuka tayar.
(If you will keep on playing KBC like this then they won’t be able to get ready in ages.)
Ani: Thanks Bhaiyu.
Karan: Leave thanks and all and get ready quickly and come down.
Ani Ishu Soums: Ok.
Boys leave while girls get back to work.
Abeer goes to his room to do some work while Karan goes to attend a call near the garden area.

OBEROI’S family arrives.
Dadi is wearing a simple off white suit with a green pearl set, Jhanvi is in white and red saree with metallic jewellery, Tej is in a blue suit, Pinky is wearing cream suit with lots of jewellery while Shakti is wearing a white suit.
Abhi and Pragya go towards dadi and bend down to take her blessings.And then they hug dadi.
Abhi: Kasa Ho ma. (How are you ma.)
Dadi: Oye khotiya hun aayi hai yaad tenu ma di. (Now you have remembered your mother.)
Abhi: Arre ma aaisa kun bol raha Ho bhala Mai bhi aapko kabhi bhula sakta hun. (Why are you saying like this ma? How can I even forget you.)
Dadi makes an annoyed face and turns towards Pragya.
Dadi to Pragya: Iss se toh mujhe yahi umeed thi magar Pragya toh bhi aisa Kara gi yeh Maina kabhi nahi soocha tha.
(I knew it that he will be like this only but Pragya this wasn’t expected from you.)
Pragya holding her ears says trying 😣 to convince her
Pragya: Sorry ma wo actually sari Ki sari galti inki hai (pointing towards Abhi & Abhi gives ‘maina kya kiya look’.) yeh mairi baat na kabhi nahi suntaa Maina itni baar inha kaha Ki India chaalta hai par yeh toh yeh haina kabhi bhi Kisi Ki nahi sunta.
(Sorry ma this is completely his fault (pointing towards Abhi & Abhi gives ‘maina kya kiya look’.) he never listens to me I asked him that lets go to India but you know na he never listens to anyone.)
Dadi: Vo toh hai. (You have a point.)
Pragya gives a victorious smile 😊 to Abhi.
Abhi: Fuggi you keep your mouth shut.
Pragya:: Oh hello Mr. Singhaniya don’t you dear talk to me.
Shakti from back says: You guys will never change.
Rest all smile at his statement.
Dadi: Aacha now stop all this and tell me when you returned.
Abhi: Three days back dadi. And now it is for ever.
Abhi then goes towards Tej while Pragya goes to Pinky and Jhanvi and greets them by hugging them. Abhi keeps his hand on Tej’s shoulder and asks in a emotional tone
Abhi: How are you Tej?
Tej: Mai thik hoon tu kaisa hai yaar. (I am fine 😊 and how are you?)
Abhi: Good.
They look at each other for a while in awkwardness and then hug each other.

Three handsome hunks enter the mansion and they are none other than our dashing heroes.
Shivaay is wearing a dynamic black sherwani with a black and blue brooch, Om is in black and brown kurta pyjama while Rudra is in blue shirt, black jeans with black coat and all of them are looking really handsome.
Rudra sees Tej and Abhi hugging, he gets hell shocked and pats Om who is standing near him and says
Rudra: Yeh Amrish Puri sholay ka Dharmendra kab Baan Gaya.
(When did this Amrish Puri became Dharmendra of sholay.)
ShivOm also see Abhi and Tej hugging and are a bit shocked and give each other ‘yeh kya Ho raha hai bhai’ look.

Then they all go towards entrance. Abhi and Tej release the hug.
Dadi sees them and introduces them
Dadi: Abhigya in teeno Sa milo yeh hai.
Pragya: Ek minute Dadi (firstly she points at Shivaay and says) yeh zaaror aapka billu Ho Ga.
[One minute Dadi (firstly she points at Shivaay and says) this might be your billu (🐱 cat) ] Dadi nods her head in agreement.
The Abhi says pointing at Om
Abhi: And he would be our great artist 🎨 Omkara.
Dadi again nods.
Pragya: Aur yeh hai saabsa shaitaan Rudra bhaisaab.Haina ma.
(And this is the most naughty one Mr. Rudra right na dadi.)
Dadi: Haan bhi. (Yes dear).
All the O BROS are confused 😖 that how come they recognized them so easily and that to without any introduction.
Rudra: How do you know us so well? (He acts like thinking 😔 something very seriously by keeping his finger on his cheeks.) Oh toh Mai aab saamjha humari mumma’s na aapko aapna pyaar baaiton Ki photo dikha di hogi after all hum itna handsome hai Ki koi resist hi nahi kar sakta. (Oh now I got our mother’s would have shown you our pics as we are so handsome and people just can’t resist us.)
ShivOm give him ‘iska kuch nahi Ho sakta’ look while rest of the Oberoi’s shake their head in disbelief. While Abhigya chuckles at his antics.
Again something clicks to Rudra so he asks
Rudra: Dadi why did you call them Abhigya.
Abhi and Pragya smile 😊 looking at each other.
Dadi: Kunki jaab Abhi aur Pragya milta hai toh baanta hai Abhigya. (Because when Abhi and Pragya meet they make Abhigya.)
Rudra: WOW 😲 yahaan par bhi Ishqbaaz hai.(WOW 😲 here also there are Ishqbaaz.)
Dadi: Yeh toh mera sabsa pyaara Ishqbaaz hai.(They are my most lovely Ishqbaaz.)
Pragya: Ok come on we should sit and talk . Let’s go inside.
Abhi while moving in remembers something
Abhi: Ma where is our cute little doll.
Dadi: Haan billu where is Prinku ?
Shivaay: Dadi she is coming .
Dadi: Ok.
All move in.

Karan was talking on phone 📱 and then he ends his call and turn back and he gets hit by someone and the another person is about to fall. When he holds that person and both get lost in each others eyes 👀 for split seconds and then he makes the other person to stand.
Karan: I am sorry 😞.
Another person: It’s ok.
They both begin to move towards the mansion.
Karan: Aap yaahan par? (How come you are here?)
Another person: Actually it’s our relatives function and you.
Karan: I think so I am your that relative.
Another person a bit confused: Haan.
Karan smiles at the confusion and says: Actually this is my house and my family function.
Another person: Oh.

They both reach the main hall where Abeer is waiting for Karan and seeing him with that another person he gives Karan a teasing smile 😊 and Karan asks him to stay quiet, in return of which Abeer gives him a questioning + suspecting look.
Tej sees Karan and the another person.
Tej: Lo here came your little doll Abhi.
[Well guys the another person is none other than Priyanka Singh Oberoi.] Abhigya greet her with a smile 😊 while Pragya gives her a pleasant hug and Abhi shakes hand with her. She smiles at them.
Pragya: She has turned out to be really beautiful ma.
Dadi smiles at her and says
Dadi: Pragya where are your kids.
Pragya now remembers that three of them have not come down and she begins to get angry 😠 which noticed by both Abhi and Karan who begin to think ‘ what to do now’. When Karan comes in front and
Karan: Ma I am here.
Pragya understands his intentions and decides to let go off the topic for the time being seeing every one there.
Pragya: Ma meet him he is Karan.
Karan bends down and takes dadi’s blessings. Dadi hugs him in return. Dadi who saw him and Priyanka together smiled at him.
Pragya : Abeer go and call three of them. Abhi nods. All this while Rudra didn’t see either Abeer or Karan as firstly they were standing at the back of the sofa on which the O BROS were sitting and when Karan greeted dadi Rudra couldn’t see him as Pragya came in his way.
When dadi released the hug Karan is introduced to the rest and at last to Rudra. Karan smiles at him while Rudra shows attitude both shake hand while all the time Rudra is giving him warning ⚠ look and Karan is laughing 😆 in his heart ♥ and is hardly able to control himself.

Abeer was about to leave when he saw three of them climbing down the stairs.
Abeer: Lo they came . He says to Pragya while rest are busy in talking.
Three of the girls are coming down together.
Anika is wearing a beautiful Dark pink and silver coloured lehanga with open straight hair which are a bit curled up at the end, with high heels , slight make up , diamond 💎 long earrings , a single princess cut solitaire ring 💍 adorning her fingers, with pink and silver combination of bangles in one hand and a beautiful diamond studded Rado watch in the other and she is looking like an angel from the heavens.

Ishu is wearing a pink and grey coloured lehanga , with open curled hair , light make up, long diamond 💎 earrings, long heels, diamond studded Rado watch in one hand and a beautiful diamond 💎 bracelet in another hand and payal in her feet and she is looking really magnificent. Soums is wearing a peech and silver lehnga with diamond 💎 earrings, light make up, bangles in both hands and high heels and she is looking spectacular.
Three of them come down and go towards Pragya, it’s then when the three brothers notice three of the sisters and……………………………………………………..

Kal milta hai na , jaldi kis baat Ki hai 😉😉😉😉😜😜😜😜…….
Sorry guys if you felt bad about my views on Demonetisation. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

RAITA PHEL GAYA……………………………….

With lots of love ❤

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