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Dil Chahta Hai -15 – Telly Updates


Ruhi:It was when I was in 5th and he in 6th.
Aarav:U don’t know his name?
Ruhi:His name was Chotu but real name I dont remember.
Aarav:Ok and what happened
Ruhi starts explaining fb,
She explains the play ground scene (Ruhi smiles)….And then I met him in canteen.He smiled at me….And after few days….I was called by the teacher for some help and there I saw him standing outside the class with a teacher and his mom May be……I laughed as he showed some weird expressions as the teacher kept on complaining.Then again one day….I remember the correct day it was our foundation day and he was sitting near me and we talked for a while and the only thing I remember about him on that day was his naughty smile and adorable eyes and his words for me
Chotu:You have a very beautiful eye and a dangerous smile
Ruhi laughs at his statement.
Chotu:And your laugh is devil like but cute
[Ruhi smiles]

And again I saw him may be for the last time…..He was standing there in front of principal’s office for TC…I was shocked and secretly wept a loot but pyaar ka intezaar Bohat meeta hai (But the wait for love is sweet)
Fb ends
Aarav smiles
Aarav: wow thats a cute story
Ruhi:It’s not a story its real life
Aarav smiles
Ruhi:Why are u smiling?
Aarav:My name is also Chotu u can try me
Ruhi push him and says: I cant take a duplicate copy….I need original 😂
Aarav makes pout face
Aarav:I dont remember anything of this type in my life
Ruhi:Abbe idiot kitni ladkiyon ko pataya hoga tune…tujhe yaad bhi hai kya? (Idiot…u have made so many girls fall for you…Do u even remember the people?)
Aarav:Yah the past two years I remember the names but before that no idea.
Ruhi:Come lets go and sleep and it felt good saying all this to you and Do pinky promise
Aarav:Pinky promise?
Ruhi:Yah (shows her small finger)
Aarav holds it
Ruhi:Keep my secret safely dont dare open the box.
Aarav smiles at her childish behaviour…As he walks behind her….He adore her way of talking!

Next day morning,
Arshi and Ishra wake up and gets headache…Rurav stand there with four lemon juice…Armaan take one for eachother and thanks Rurav…
Ishu:Ohh…mere sar phat raha hai (My head is aching)
Khushi: Mera bhi! (Mine too)
Ruhi:Isliye toh hum neembu pani lekar aa gaye (Thats why we came with lime juice)
Khushi smiles and drinks lime juice….Ishu also drinks lime juice.Ishu remembers what she said to Raman drunk.
Ishu(shouts): Shoot!
Arnav and Aarav: What happened?
Aarav and Arnav gets relieved.
Ishu looks at Raman who doesn’t remember anything and gets embarrassed.

Scene 2, Raizada house
Nani:I think its high time we get Ishu married.
Shalini: Once she come back from London we will talk about it ma.
Nani:When is she returning Gautham
Gautham:After two months…She said she have to find an eye specialist for Subha
Nani:Arnav bituva keliye acha ladki doondne keliye bohat samay bhaki hai..( There is a lot of time for finding a girl for Arnav)
Shalini nods
Nani:Why do you people behave like robots?….If u people are happy with my decision say that…Gautham I am your mom and from your face I can understand you are not happy.
Gautham:It’s not that ma….If we ask Ishu then we can decide thats it.
Nani:Shali what do you say?
Shalini: Ma I also feel the same
Nani:Ok..We will wait for their return.
Nani leaves to room
Shalini:Bhai…I am sure Ishu will not agree for marriage.
Gautham:I know…..But what will we say to ma.
Shalini:Lets leave it in god
Gautham nods.

Ishu felt embarrassed sitting in the breakfast table and to look up.
Arnav:Ishu yaar I never knew you were too much fun….I mean beer and all
Ishu;You are too small to understand my level of craziness
Arnav smiles

Raman was sleeping…He gets flashes of a girl laughing but is not able to see her face clearly….His head starts aching and he gets up screaming in pain.Ruhi who was there runs and sits beside him and takes his head and keeps on her lap.
Ruhi (worried): What happened bhai?
Raman: I am seeing the images again Ruhi
Other enter
Arnav:What happened Raman?
Aarav: Phir se conjouring dekh rahe the kya? (Where you watching conjouring again?)
Raman smile
Ruhi:No…Actually when bhai was a child he had fever once and he started seeing flashes of a girl laughing but her face is not clear for him and we took to doctor and he said that it’s his dreams which he feels like reality and gave few pills but it didn’t stop….he continued to see the images and it’s now after about 3 years that he is again seeing the same thing.

Ishu gets shocked to hear this.
Arnav:Ishu….(Ishu stops him)
Arnav remains silent.

*Sorry for no romantic scene actually I want to show the story and then proceed with romance and fun.Hope you all are ok

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