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Abhigya- My hero episode 2

Hi guys it’s Monesha. I know you all will be very angry at me. Scold me whatever you all want in comment. And thank you so much for your lovely comment guys. Now coming to the story,

Guys i forget to say one thing bulbul and Alia both are twins.

Pragya was in deep thought. Suddenly her phone started to ring. She took the phone.
Pragya- hi purab whats app
Purab- pragya Bulbul’s dadi got accident.
Pragya- what? Dadi got accident (shocking and loud voice)
Abhi was shocked and stood up.
Abhi (thinks)- omg…. Dadi got accident. Why purab is informing to pragya. He can inform me right. Omg. Now what I can di.
He just went outside and took his car and went.
Pragya- ok ok i will come now.
She cutted the call and surprised to know abhi was not there.
Pragya- where he went its ok now i have to go to see dadi.
She went upside ti take her purse.

Screen shifts to Abhi.
Abhi- god… First i have to call bhabhi.
He called Mitali. She picks up the call.
Abhi- bhabhi what happened to dadi? Is she is fine?
Mitali- Abhi… Are you ok. What happened now. Dadi is in house only then what will happen to her.
Abhi puts sudden break and asked.
Abhi- dadi is in house???
Mitali- yes abhi why? What happened?
Abhi- Nothing bhabhi… I will call you later.
Mitali- ok Abhi…. saying this She cutted the call.
Abhi- how dare you pragya to say about my dadi like this. Today i am not going to leave you.
He turned and drives car with full speed.

Screen shifts to pragya
Pragya- what is this? where is my purse?
She searched every where.
Pragya- thank god it is here.
She took the purse under the bed. She turned to leave. Suddenly abhi came inside her room like storm and closed the door.
Pragya- hey what you are doing?
Without listening to her. He pushed her on the wall. Before she could move. Abhi pinned her towards wall.
Pragya- move away. How dare you.
He just hold her cheeks and pressed it hardly which makes pain in her cheeks.
Abhi- how dare you to say about my dadi. You know how much i love her.
Pragya moved his hand from her cheeks and says
Pragya- what you are blabbering. Leave me.
Abhi- just shut up. Who blabbering me? Don’t dare to give wrong information like this. This is first and last warning.
He went out from that place by saying this and leaving pragya in confusion.
Pragya called purab. He attend the call
Purab- hey pragya come fast
Pragya (shouts)- what your friend want. He came to my room and hurts me. And blabbering too. Say to your friend to stay away from me. And you…. Don’t ever dare to talk with me.
Before purab could say something she ended the call.
Pragya went to see bulbul and Alia’s dadi

Screen shifts to Abhi.
Abhi was keep on thinking about pragya.
Suddenly purab called abhi. He came back to sense after hearing phone ring. He picks up the call.
Abhi- hello purab whats app
Purab- why you scolded pragya. She called me and shouts at me. You know she is my good friend. She only unite me and bulbul but first time she got angry at me. What you done.
Abhi- just shut up purab. She is the one who hurts me by saying fake accident.
Purab got confused and ask what accident
Abhi explained everything to purab.
Purab- idiot. You misunderstood her.
Abhi- what do you mean?
Purab explained everything to abhi.
Abhi- omg then i understood wrong?
Purab- yes idiot. And ask sorry to pragya
Abhi in great shock – what?????
Purab- yes abhi you should ask. Go and talk with her.
Saying this he ended the call.
Abhi- now what I have to do. Let me talk to her tomorrow.
He drives his car to park.

Screen shifts to pragya
She reached bulbul and Alia’s house.
She entered into room.
Pragya- dadi are you ok.
Bulbul and Alia turns. Dadi too looks at her.
Dafi- pragya, you they informed to you too. It’s minor accident.
Pragya- dadi, take this as serious. You know dadi I feared to the death.
Dadi smiles at her.
Bulbul- see she is smiling.
Alia- nowadays dadi is irritating us more.
Sarla came to them.
Pragya- hey aunty is coming
Sarla- pragya come… Come… Sit.
Pragya smiles.
Sarla- wait i will come serve you all.
Sarla served cookies and drinks. All chit chat for some times even dadi too.

It was late night.
Pragya- dadi, i am leaving its already late.
Bulbul- hey it is very late. sleep here itself.
Alia- bulbul is right stay here.
Pragya- No, aunty will kill me. I am leaving bye.
Saying this she left by walking.
Here bulbul and Alia worried about pragya.

Pragya was walking on the road with fear. As she was scared by seeing dark.
She saw someone sitting in park.
Pragya wondered who is sitting there.
She was surprised to see abhi there.

Screen freezes on her face.

Sorry guys for short episode. I will update next part tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Silent readers please broke your silence. Love you all.

Sorry if I done any mistake. I replied to everyone in my previous episode.

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