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Short Story : The Anjana Ajna Love [ Chapter 1 ]

Welcome to the Ajna Clan. The weirdest clan in the world. The people of this clan, though living in the twenty first century, h
ad ancestors living a hundred thousand of years ago. When the Aryans invaded the land of India, with them came the Ajanas, members of Ajna clan. These humans, weren’t just humans but a hybrid of Devas and humans. They had the power and life of Devas and the emotions of a human. Their cultures, rituals and traditions were the weirdest. They were the oldest hybrids.

Even before the evolution of vampires and werewolves, the Ajanas had evolved and eventually died.

Then what about the existence of Ajanas in the twenty first century?

The answer is : Even though all the Ajanas had died eventually, some of their human counterparts or mates had survived alongwith their children. These children had in turn copulated with other humans. While they themselves didn’t become an Ajana, their great great great great grandkids did. The reason was the recession of traits. So, a century ago, the Ajanas re-evolved when their ‘daivi traits’ became dominant. But now, in this modern world, no one even knew about the Ajna clan, and yet they were living and evolving quite secretly.

Now their cultures, myths, beliefs, traditions and rituals.

It was believed that once an Ajana had found her mate, she became the owner of a protective shield which was created at will and at times of need i.e. when a female Ajana was marked [had found her mate], a shield would be created around her automatically whenever her body or soul sensed danger. That was a positive thing for it reduced the number of rapes among their clan. Though a hybrid of devas, the Ajanas too weren’t free from vices or evil. The unmated or unmarked Ajanas though had a lower chance of protection.

The mating system of the Ajanas was the weirdest. While the werewolves and vampires were mated since their births, the Ajanas could select their mate. And once selected, there was nothing such as rejection or dominance. It was every Ajana’s duty to follow the rules of mating.

Touch. Hug. Kiss. And you are tied to the individual forever. No rejection or backing off. If you did, you would be a subject to severe punishment. Since their clan had earlier died out, the royal Ajanas were now careful to not let the flame of their survival diminish. So these rules had to strictly followed. Once you were marked, you had to be with your partner after claiming your union.

Even though these rules were in existence, the yajanas or the evil ajanas weren’t the ones to follow. The yajanas were those members of the species, who had broken the Ajna laws. They lured female unmated Ajanas by sedating them with a drug called ‘Nirjina’, raped them and fled. The reason of using a sedative was that even though the unmarked ones couldn’t create a shield like the marked ones, they could call their element and protect themselves. With the sedative, their concentrating power was reduced and ineffective.

[ P.S. : further insight as the story proceeds. ]


“Why are you standing so far?” He asked.

She took another step backwards as he got up. He stepped towards her and she stepped back again. “You know the rules, Arjun.” She answered referring to their irrefutable rules.

He smirked and in one swift movement, she was standing in front of him, with her back towards the open door. His hand held hers in a vice like grip.

“You’re afraid that I’ll do this?” He guffawed at the thought and pulled her closer in his embrace.

“Arjun, stop this foolishness. You shouldn’t play with fire.” She reprimanded trying to push back.

“You are afraid. Do you really believe those myths?” He queried intrigued cupping her face. In his periphery, he saw Sam staring them from the door. He smiled internally. Anyone seeing them from the door would think that they were kissing. And the fact that Samaira had seen them in such a position would definitely help him. Samaira never lied and that was an established fact among their clan members.

“I do, so stop this stupidity.” She replied breaking free. He let her go for he knew Sam wouldn’t have heard a word, she would have just seen them kissing. As soon as she turned around, she saw Sam standing at the door. She looked shocked.
Sam turned around and ran out of the room.

“Run, Radhika. Run. You would want to stop your best friend or we are tied together forever.” Arjun mocked.

She fled out of the room after her best friend. She had to stop Sam from telling anyone what she saw. She caught hold of Sam in the corridor.

“What you saw wasn’t true.” Radhika pushed out sucking a large amount of oxygen.

Sam raised her brows not believing her best friend. “Really? From what I saw, Arjun marked you and you didn’t object. For, I didn’t see you praying to fire.” She retorted referring to Radhika’s element. She knew Radhika had said something about being in love with some guy, but that didn’t mean that she could disobey the laws.

“Is he the guy?” Sam asked trying to decipher something.

“Huh?” Radhika asked.

“The one you love.”

“Are you mad, Sam? He is my junior for god’s sake. And he is ten years elder to me.” Radhika snorted at the thought of Arjun being her love. He was ranked one with the others including Sam and her mate, Neil. While she was the potential queen. The position had earlier been offered to Sam, but she didn’t want to the queen, so it was passed to next qualified candidate and that was Radhika. She was at the top of hierarchy.

“You’re forgetting sweetheart, age doesn’t matter for us. Neither does rank. So you love him. Right?”

“No, I don’t.”

“You didn’t stop him. He’s your mate now, Radhika. You have to accept it.” Samaira spoke softly.

“He isn’t. We didn’t kiss. He was mocking the rules. Ask him.” Radhika interjected pulling Sam with her as she turned towards her room.

When they reached the room, Arjun was nowhere in sight. Sam said something about him being gone to register their union in the court. But Radhika knew otherwise. She now understood what Arjun had in his mind. He was going to trap her. That scumbag.

“Listen Sam, you can’t tell anyone about it.” Radhika pleaded.

“I don’t lie, Radhika and you know it.”

“Yeah, that’s why I am saying. Don’t speak about this unless anyone asks you to. That way you won’t be lying.”


“Please Sam, I have to sort out many things and if anyone gets the air about what you saw, I will be damned.” Radhika said hugging Sam.

“Alright. But take care.” Sam replied.


So mmz fans. How’s it? I wrote about something completely new. Actually there’s nothing such as Ajna clan or something. It was purely imaginative. Superficial. But there’s no harm in exploring new horizons of your imagination. Is it?

So get ready, form words, sentences. and type them out in the comment box.

I am planning on making it a short story. Just one or two more parts and it is over.

Do comment about how you feel. It’s childish, I know. But hey, I never said I am an adult. I am a kid, y’know.

pls its a li’l request, do comment. I know its weird to the limits of infinity. but pls, I made an effort and you should too.

u can kill me for this gibberish.

And with ‘Gibberish’ I recall, there’s a news for you guys.

I am almost done with eighth chappy of friendship or love and am going to post it soon, maybe in a week or so.

so three cheers for me. hurray. its not less than a feat for me to able to concentrate on something these days, and so completion of a chappy is much big a task.

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