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Prologue Mashup (Nakchadi(RagBeer) & Casanova(RagLak))

“Hey Ragini” said a boy whose back only could be seen. Ragini turned and her hair flew and settled at one side. She smiled a bit but her face expression changed. “What is this Karan?” asked Ragini making weird face. Karan(Karan Wahi) smiled and forwarded the rose in his hand and said “I Love you” Ragini looked at him shocked and her expression changed to anger. “Are you out of your mind?” asked Ragini. “No yar Ragini I’m serious trust me” said Karan serious. “What is wrong with you. I only thought you as a good friend. Uff. I was right all men are same” said Ragini holding her head. “Yar seriously don’t take me wrong I thought you will be impressed by this rose and direct proposal” said Karan nervous. “And who gave you this idea that idiot?” asked Ragini folding her hands and raising an eyebrow. Karan nodded his head. Ragini screamed “HK…….”

“Oh baby you are so hot and I really cannot control myself around you. Ah your soft lips drives me crazy” said a boy whose back was visible approaching a girl who was wearing a mini. His hands traveled from her waist to down to touch her bare skin. And his face moved close to the girl’s face. As his lips were just a centimeter away from the girls lip he jerked due to a voice “HK……. Abeey HK bahar aaa……” shouted Ragini. The boy stopped his approach annoyed and turned. It is revealed to be Laksh. “Ab kya hua iss chudail ko. Hamesha galat timing Gosh” said Laksh annoyed and headed out of the class.

“Gosh I’m late again” said a guy driving his car. His eyes are covered with goggles. He looked at the watch again and hit the steering wheel.
A girl is walking beside the road with headphones in her ears and enjoying the music. “Wow my fav song. Tere sang yaara…. hmmmm” sang the girl with her shiny soft lips. She looked at the road and walked carefully.
“Ahh from where does these people come” said the guy and turned his steering wheel suddenly as a two wheeler approached his car. He saw a girl walking in front of his car and he stopped the car making a creepy noise to avoid colliding to the girl.
The boy is Rajbeer(Karan Tacker). He closed his eyes scared and held his racing heart. He slowly opened his eyes and found the girl standing unaffected. His eyes stuck on her angelic face. Her cute attitude took his heart away just in a second. Love at first sight? Thought Raj. He came back to his sense and glared the girl angry. He lowered his car glass and shouted at the girl “Are you blind? Can’t you see?” The girl still with the same cool attitude removed her head phone from one ear and shouted back “I’m not blind Mr. But you surely are” and put her head phone back and walked with calmly. Raj looked at her confused then he looked at the road and realized that mistake was his only he had crossed the lane and she was right on her way. But still his ego did not let him to accept his mistake. Her unaffected cold reaction made it worse.
He saw the girl walking facing her back. The girl picked the call when her phone ringed and spoke “Hello” The girl on other side screeched “Ragini….” (Yes the girl is Ragini)
Raj turned to his steering wheel and started his car again and said “Nakchadi” He nodded his head in disbelief and drove off

So this is my little surprise. My two new ffs. I have no idea when will I post it. So just bear with me guys. “Rishtey” is gonna finish soon so after that I will start one of the above ffs. Just tell me which one should I start first. Or may be I will publish one episode a week. I haven’t planned anything about the timings. One thing I would like to say is that one ff is kind of cheesy and the other close to reality. There might be some negativity also but it was demand of the story. Sometimes you might feel it is depressive. And Ragini here is completely different not innocent like in Rishtey and not selfless like in Guilt. Hope you will like these shades also. Romance will be very slow not as you people expected. So tell me guys shall I continue. Sometimes you will feel the ff is not positive as my other ffs but I don’t know whether you people will like so close to reality stories. Please feel free to give any suggestion but please guys sorry I cannot be regular

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