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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 30 & 31

The episode starts with Ishani and ranveer sharing an eye lock . All then claps for the dance then our ishveer comes into sense . Shikhar comes there and thanks ranveer and called ISHANI and made her to stand near him .

Ishani and ranveer was looking at each others face. Then all the friends of them comes and congratulate ishkar . After some time ISHANI were free and she was unable to control the emotion so she excused herself from there and went to her room . In room she started cryingvthinking about the dance and the innocent look of ranveer haunted her heart .

At the same time our ranveer came to the upstairs in a drunken state by drinking alcohol .

Inside the room our ISHANI wiped her tears and that time some mehandi from her hand spread to her cheeks .

By this time our ranveer was climbing the steps .

Then ISHANI thinks to meet Shikhar and say everything .

She came out the room for meeting Shikhar . And that time ranveer too came there. She was shocked to see him .

ISHANI – tum .

Our ranveer was in a drunken state .

He noticed the mehandi in her cheek and came near her .

Our Ishani was shocked to see his act .

ISHANI – Kya .

He came near her and wiped the mehandi from her cheek .

They both was sharing an eye lock ???. Tears rolled down from ISHANI’s eyes . She came to sense and wiped her tears .

And seeing the way he is standing she asked him did u drunk ?

RANVEER – Haaa . what u want ?

ISHANI – Ranveer u know that u won’t drink and now u drank . What is this ?

Ranveer gave a not minding look and called the waiter and started to drink another glass and another .

Our ISHANI tried to stop him but he didn’t.

After some time ISHANI was called by falguni for introducing to the guests and at that time almost all the guests started to go . But ranveer and family was been their falguni and harshad didn’t allow them to go . Till some guests were there.

That time our ISHANI noticed Ranveer going out in a drunken state and she got worried .

Without anyone’s notice she took her car key and came and was shocked to see ranveer starting the car in a drunken state .

Our ishani too took her car and started to follow him . Ranveer was driving the car harshly . Our ISHANI increased the speed of the car and some how it was very difficult to over take his car as it was raining heavily .

Then she some how she managed to overtake his car and stopped her car infrint of his .

Our ranveer was shocked of this put sudden brake.

Ranveer came out the car and shouted that looking where u r driving the car and what u r doing ?

Then our ISHANI came out the car with a umbrella .

And our ranveer was shocked to see this .

RANVEER in a shocked tone – ISHANI !

Ishani with the umbrella cane near him and asked him to come with her .

But he refused and moved away from the umbrella to another place .

Our ISHANI went back of him and again said him to come with her .

Then also he refused.

Then it started to rain heavily.

Then our Ishani went near him and some how made him to come inside the umbrella ranveer was continuously looking at her.

At that time a thunder came .

Our ISHANI got afraid and the umbrella feel down and she hugged ranveer .

Then he too hugged her back .

Their hug remained for sometime as they were lost in the hug.

Then our ISHANI came to sense and came out from the hug and started to walk away .

When she was about to walk Back ranveer held her hand. Ishani looked at him .

RANVEER – Don’t do away from me ISHANI. I can’t live without u plz don’t go away .

Our ISHANI was shocked to hear this .

ISHANI in a shocked – Ranveer !

RANVEER – Yes ishani I LOVE U . I can’t live without u . Don’t go away from me . I know u don’t loves me but I don’t care it now . Now I only want to say that I LOVE U SO MUCH .
as “MY LOVE IS ONLY FOR U ” forever .
Tears rolled down from both of their eyes ad even in the heavy rains it can bee seen in their eyes .

Ranveer came near Ishani and cupped her face and said I don’t know when I started to love u but I tried several tomes to say it to u but I was been not able . But now I am saying it . I know it is late but ……

Ishani became emotional and hugged him tightly and he was shocked at this . But he too hugged her back .

ISHANI – Me too loves u a lot ranveer .

Ranveer was shocked to hear this and a smile came to his face .

ISHANI – I started to love u from the day I saw u at the award but I didn’t told u . And do u know how much I was happy when we became friends ? I really loved u a lot ranveer . I really loves u .

Our Ranveer made her to came out her from the face and happily cupped her face . Wiped her tears .

RANVEER – Me too loves u a lot .

By saying this he fell down to her shoulder.

She then slowly balanced him by keeping his hands around her shoulder and carried him to the car .

They then reached RV mansion .

Thee was no one in RV mansion as the family was been ishani’s house.

Ishani with ranveer went to his room and made him to lay on the bed and my making him to lay she fell down over him . She was looking at him continuously for some time and removed his shoes from his leg .

She then covered him with blanket .

She then went from there .

The episode ends here.


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