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MMZ – KUSHI (OS – Ardhika Version) HPY BDAY SREE !!!

MMZ – KUSHI (Dedication to Sree aka Pikachu)

Hi all, today is my dear sister Sreemathi’s bday and i wish to dedicate this OS to her. Sree, as you asked me the Ardhika version for Kushi movie and today i made it

for you … only you as my bday gift. Hope you like this and enjoy reading it.

S – Sweet
R – Rocking
E – Energetic
E – Entertainment

I wish you always be as Sweet-Rocking-Energetic-Entertainment person in your life. A very very happy birthday to you my sweet little sister. Today you are not my nanad

but my lovely sister. I LOVE YOU PIKACHU 🙂

As you asked me, i am here with the OS on the movie Kushi with the version of Ardhika. And you will have a surprise package in it which is my creation. Hope you enjoy

reading it and let me know your likes on this.

MMZ – Kushi (OS – Ardhika Version) HPY BDAY SREE !!!

A girl who is wandering the hospital infront of the OT with lots of prayers and love in her eyes. Soon her face becomes bright hearing the cute voice from the OT and

hugs her dad happily saying, “Appa, i got a sister…i got a sister”.

Her Dad Dilip, “We still don’t know it is your sister or brother”

Girl, “i am sure Appa, it is sister only…because i prayed ganesha to give me only sister and in return i will break 100 coconuts in his temple. Ganesha knows about

me, what will happen if he did not fulfill my wish”

He smiles and hugs his daughter and waiting for the baby. Finally the doctor hands over the baby to him and all are happy seeing the girl baby and the most extreme

happiest person is the baby’s elder sister Radhika. They named the baby’s name as Sreemathi and Radhika will call her as Mathi…only she is allowed to call her in

that name, rest all will call her as Sree.

After 16 years,

Mathi and her father went to the Railway station to pick up Radhika who is coming back to her home after finishing her graduation. More than others, Sreemathi is

waiting for her sister eagerly and her hands are itching to hug her lovely sister tightly and spend all her days & nights which she missed it cos of her sister’s

hostel stay for education.

Unfortunately, Radhika is not there in the train and Sree gets upset of not seeing her lovely sister. They both reached home with sad face and he tells his wife that

Radhika is not came. But Sree’s face becomes bright seeing something and screams Radhika’s name in high pitch and running towards the direction.

She stuns seeing the balloons everwhere and the one which is very big than others has caption as “HAPPY BDAY MY SWEET LITTLE SISTER SREEMATHI”.

Sree jumps in happiness and shouts, “Akka, where are you? Come to me fast pls”

Soon, a pair of hands hides her eyes from behind and Sree without turning shouts, “Akka, i love you …love you” and she hugs her immediately the moment she turned.

Both the sisters stays in each other’s embrace for sometime and comes to normal.

Sreemathi, “I got scared and thought you will not come today”

Rads, “How will i not come here, afterall today’s is my princess’s bday na”

SHe kisses on her forehead saying, “I wish you all the success in your life. I am sure you will rock the world”

Soon they both goes to their home and rads gets greated by her parents. All the four spends their time nicely with each other.

Rads and Mathi spend their time in talking…talking…talking….talking…talking….and it is going on for the whole day and night.

Next day, their father, called Radhika and informs her, “Radhika, i decided to get you married soon. A family is coming to see you tomorrow”

Radhika is shocked and refused saying, “No Appa, i want to study again. Pls tell them not to come. I don’t want to get married now. I want to study”

“Shut up, we cannot find educated guys in our caste. If you keep on studying like this, then who will marry you.” her dad shouted at her back to make her quiet.

Rads, “I won’t marry only but i want to study. Tell them not to come. And here i have the application form for my PG and pls put your sign here”

Her dad angrily grabs it and tears it apart and throws on the floor which makes rads furious and started crying.

Dilip feels bad seeing her and tried to stop her but she shoves his hands aways saying inbetween her sobs, “You tore the application form which i got right? Let me see

the guy who is coming here. I will break his head with the stones and make him run away from here. You don’t know about me..i will do it. I will make him run away for

sure and it is promise on you”

Dilip jerks listening the last word and thinks, “What if she did not do it? She made a promise on me?” now he looks on worried and confused thinking whether to allow

the guy or let her to make him run away.

All these are watching by radhika’s little sister Sreemathi and all her anger rises on the guy who is coming to see her sister.

She plans something evily and smirks, “I won’t let my sister cry and suffer in this village. Let me handle that guy in my way”

In the midnight, rads wakes up due to some noises and goes to check what it is. She finds her dad with the torn pieces of application form and does a cat walk around

it. She smiles seeing him and goes back to her sleep.

Next day, Radhika wake up and gets ready to meet her father in the hall. They all met for breakfast and Radhika finds her dad is little upset and not touching his


She sits beside him and takes a piece of food from his plate and extends it to feed him but he turns his face to other side. She smile seeing him and says, “I agree

for this marriage”

All jerks listening her and espcially Mathi, who is freeze and blinking in her widely opened eyes having a piece of idly in her mouth still. Dilip turns his face to

her with a smile asking, “R u sure?”

Radhika nods her head and says, “Tell them to come, i will marry him…i don’t bother how he is…i will marry just for you”

Dilip is so happy and starts feeding the food to her and he too have it. He kisses on Mathi’s cheeks and goes out to do the preparations. Mathi is still in statue mode

stares her sister who is having her food silently without any reaction.

Mathi in her mind, “Akka, i know you are not interested in this marriage and you agreed just for the sake of Appa’s wish. He emotionally blackmailed you, but you don’t

worry, i won’t let this marriage happen at any cost. I want only your happiness and i will make sure that you will get what you deserve. You should marry a person from

this village, you level itself is different akka….i know one or other day you will get your king.”

After that she silently swallows her breakfast and moves to her room without anyone’s notice.

Soon the family comes and gets settled there to look for Radhika. Meanwhile, Mala prepares juices for the guests and tells Sree to serve them the juices. Sree knows it

already that they her mom will ask her to do this and she smiles widely looking at the juices and arranges it in the plate to give them.

She serves the juices to them and Dilip introduces her to them and the guy smiles at her asking, “What are you studying Paapa?” (Paapa means Baby)

Sree makes face saying, “Excuse me, i am not any Paapa. My name is Sreemathi and studying +2”

The guy face fell down listening Sree’s english and looks at his parents. Dilip worries and sends her inside and calls Mala to get Radhika.

Radhika comes and greets them, in the meantime the whole family already gulped the juices and soon when Radhika comes, their face reactions are changing as if

something is burning in their stomach. Everyone holds their stomach and runs in searching the bathrooms. Dilip and his maids guides them and dilip gets worry seeing

them are not in good condition. Sreemathi sits in her room and watching all this silently from her window and laughs silently by munching the dairy milk silk


She sits there silently hearing the loud noises from the hall and goes out to watch it. Dilip tries to convince the guy and his family but they are not ready to listen

anything from him and scolding his both daughters badly. Radhika gets furious listening them scolding her little sister, she slaps the guy warning not to utter a

single about her sister. They all get shocked seeing her raising hand on a guy and again accusing about her behavior and manners, this dilip gets angry and shouts them

to leave from there.

Sree chuckles and goes to her room by & locks her door…the very next moment she starts dancing like a maniac seeing them going and gets normal when she hears a knock

sound on her door. She composes herself and opens the door of thinking how to tell to her father but she finds Radhika standing by keeping her hands on her waist.

Sree knows her sister would find her mischeif and bows her head down and blinking of expecting some scoldings but to her shock, Radhika pushes her inside and hugs her

tightly saying, “Mathi kutty, thank you thank you so much for saving me. Yipppeeeeee….they went” both laughing like a maniac and starts dancing for a no.1 foke song.

Both lost themselves in laughing and dancing, but all these are hearing by Dilip & Mala from outside their room, they looks each other shockingly but it lasts for a

minute, then they both laugh seeing their mad kids and Dilip finally approves Radhika to study further.

All their time goes happily and the day comes when Radhika have to leave to Chennai for her higher studies. Sree is upset of thinking to leave her sister but both

composed themselves and Sree gets a promise from Radhika, “Akka, promise me that when you come back here again, you should come with mamu only” (mamu – Jiju)

Radhika is shocked but asking, “If i don’t?”

Sree, “Ha ha ha…that will never happen akka. I am sure you will get my Mamu there and come fast ok. I cannot stay here alone without you”. Radhika hugs her little

sister and plants a kiss on her cheeks and forehead saying her to take care of herself and Parents too.

Sree watches her sister is going and prays to herself, “Lord Ganesha, i will break 100 coconuts for you in your temple, pls help my sister to get my mamu and he should

be so handsome, caring and love my sister a lot”

@ Chennai,

Radhika reaches the college and settles down in her class room, where she finds her new friend Sam. Her college days goes nicely and evening she goes out with her

friends to hangout some where. That day, they all goes to the nearby temple and spends sometime there. Radhika notices a physically challenged girl lights a diya

infront of Anjaneya idol and moves from there. But she gets worried seeing the diya is about to blow off, she runs there to save the diya from blowing off, hides it

with her hands on both the sides and gets surprised seeing another pair of hands also does the same action.

She stays in the position of having her head bow down and slowly she lifts only her eyes to see who it is. She finds a very good looking guy, who is also lifts his

eyes and looks at her the same way she does. Both feels awkward and smiles at each other. She made the diya light properly and both gets up looking at each other.

They spend sometime in giving sheepish smiles at each and he initiates the talk, “Hi, Arjun” he extends his hand to her.

Rads also gives her hand to him saying, “I am Radhika”

Arjun, “Looks like we have already seen somewhere”

Rads glares him, “What? I don’t think so”

Arjun, “Might be” by giving a fake smile and continues, “Well, what are you doing?”

Before Radhika answeres him, her friends called her and she leaves from there waving bye to him. He stares the way she goes and he too leaves from there.

After few days, Arjun waits for someone in front of the house and gets surprised seeing Radhika there. He smiles and goes behind her calling, “Radhika”

Radhika turns back and gets into thinking of seeing him and he understood her mind, “Temple, diya, Arjun”

Arjun reminds her the instance by mentioning one by one and radhika too got him saying, “Sorry Arjun….i forgot”

Arjun smiles, “Good that you remember now.” he just waves his hand infront of her having a piece of paper. Radhika, “What’s that paper?”

Arjun casually, “Letter”

Rads face changes, “Love letter?”

Arjun, “Hmm….yeah”

Rads gets angry and started scolding, “Don’t you have sense, manners, and don’t know how to behave with the girls, you hardly know me once and you are giving me a love

letter? Such a shameless guy you are and…”

Arjun interrupts her, “Oh hello hello, just stop it ok. This is love letter only…but its not from me to you…its from my friend Neil to your friend Samaira. I was

just thinking how to give it to Sam and luckily you came from her house and got happy that i met you in temple and you will help me in this and that’s y i followed

you. But you are scolding me as if am a lofer..that’s very bad”

Rads gets embarrassed and pleading him, “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry” and after a long sorries he forgive her and tells her to help his friend.

Soon both becomes good friend in the way of helping their friends NeSam and gets to about their families, likes and dislikes.

She told him about her sister Sreemathi also and he gets more curious to meet her.

NeSam relationship goes smoothly for an year and Ardhika supports them in their love and unknowingly they too started falling for each other.

Ardhika started roaming outside even when Nesam was not there with them. They too spends their time together and unknowingly they both staying in the nearby flat also.

One day, Ardhika are on drive back to their flat after watching a movie, his car stops in the middle of the road but little far from their home. Arjun finds the

problem and tells her, “Radhika, looks like, it will not start now”

Rads gets sad asking, “What to do now?”

Arjun, “Lock and Walk”

Rads raises her eyebrows, “Lock and Walk?” she smiles and both continues walking while having a cute talk.

Arjun initiates the talk, “Radhika, tell me your favourite person”

Rads spontaneously said, “Appa, Amma and my cute little sister”

Arjun makes faces, “This is common. All likes their parents. I am asking about other persons who you like the most”

Rads with a bright smile, “Prabhas. I just love him” and continues walking.

Arjun stops walking and stares her back, while radhika walk few steps and looks for him and finds him behind her and calls him, “What happened?”

Arjun stammers, “Prabhas?”

Rads, “Hmm….Prabha. Baahubali movie hero. I just love and am a craziest of fan of him. His movies like Varsham, Mr.Perfect, Darling…oh gosh..he is such a darling

you know”

Arjun let a sigh relief and scolds him in his mind when she mentioned him as darling and says, “Radhika, liking actor and all is common. I am asking you anyone else

other than these and some one very special kind of…”

Radhika holds her head and walks fast saying, “Just leave me yar. Don’t confuse me.”

Arjun panics, “Ok ok..sorry..sorry. i just asked”

Radhika, “Wat you wanna know from me? Just tell their name, i will tell you whether i like them or not?. What’s the name?”

Arjun jerks and says, “I was simply asking. It’s ok. We reached home. you carry on. Good night”

Radhika nods her head saying, “Good night” and goes to her flat.

Arjun walks few steps forward and runs back to his car where he stopped. He starts his car and drives back his flat and leaves to his home. All this was watching by

Radhika from her balcony and gets into thinking. When something gets clear on her mind, she smiles with a cute blush on her face.

Next day, she gets ready nicely and goes to college in search of Arjun and finds him talking on his mobile. She goes and stands behind him silently and waits for him

to turn and look at her.

———————First Part Over————-

Sree, next part is tomorrow ..hope you like it.

Guys, plot is kushi movie but little i changed it here and there. Kushi is my fav movie and i am asking sorry from you all, if i spoiled the story. Pls forgive me.

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