Fear creeped in my mind as I sensed her firm grip on my arm. I turned to her impatiently. “CB, Are u ok??” I asked her. I could notice from her face that she was feeling uneasy. “Tell me CB” I asked her impatiently. “Gym boy, it is that I am feeling uncomfortable.” she told me. “I’ll bring the car keys. We are going to hospital now.” I told her as I stood to bring the car key. As I was about to move, she held my hand. “Listen to me, gym boy.

It is common during these times. It is just I felt uncomfortable. If it prevails, then we’ll go to hospital for sure.” she told me in a convincing tone. “No ways CB! I am not going to take any risks on u.” I told her strictly. “Gym boy! Look, now I am fine.” she said as she placed her hands on her baby bump. I looked at her doubtfully. “Uff! Gym boy, Really. I am fine now.” she told me as she made me sit beside her. “Are u sure that u are fine now??” I asked her. She nodded smilingly. “Come on! I am fine now. At least smile now!” she said while stretching my lips by her fingers to make me smile. I smiled at her. She placed her head on my lap. I stroke her hair and she looked straight into my eyes. I looked at her while stroking her hair. “Gym boy, if it is a boy, what can we name him?” she asked me excitedly. “What makes u feel that our kid is gonna be a boy?” I asked her. “Oh, didn’t I tell u the dream??” she asked me back. I shook my head in no.

Immediately, she got up from my lap and held my hands. I looked at her, puzzled. What dream was she talking about?? “Gym boy, u know what I dreamt that our son’s teacher complaining to me that our son is poor in maths!” she told me in a concerned tone. “And that too, I dreamt in the morning. They say that dreams which we see in the morning happens in real” she added worriedly. I rolled into laughter hearing that. She glared at me. “Mr. Singhania, how irresponsible u are! Don’t u care about your son’s studies??” she shot at me angrily. I could not stop laughing. Tears formed in my eyes due to continuous laughing. I wiped off my tears and bit my lip to stop laughing. “CB, What nonsense is this yaar?

Our kid is not even born still and u are behaving like a typical mother.” I told her in between my laugh. “And u, a typical father!” she replied me back angrily and turned her face. Oh no! Her mood swings have started again. I held her chin and made her face towards me. “CB, Don’t stress yourself too much.” I tried to pacify her as I held her hand. As I was about to convince her more, my phone rang. Who could be at this time? I saw the caller name. It was kartik. We have become the best of buddies since her birthday surprise incident. I picked the call. “Vidyut! How are u managing the mood swings? God!! I am becoming mad here!!” I heard his annoyed voice from the other side. Samhita is also pregnant. Hence, this annoyed version of his due to her moodswings. I chuckled hearing that. CB suspiciously looked at me. I moved from there. “Kartik, calm down. Just be patient with her. If u don’t then it will turn worse.” I told him. “You are right. Sorry to disturb u at this time. I have disturbed ur sleep” he told me. “Kartik, don’t be sorry yaar. And I wasn’t sleeping. I am doing the same work which u are doing now” I told him and we both burst into laughter.

“What were u both talking about??” CB asked me curiously as I ended the call. I didn’t want to tell her. If I do, then she might feel guilty. I don’t want her to feel bad. “CB! It is becoming late. Come we’ll go to the room” I said as I picked her in my arms and started to move. “Woah! You are changing the topic!” she told me by narrowing her eyes. “Now a days, this brother-in-law duo is too much to handle” she said angrily. “Jealousy is not good for health” I told as I pecked her cheek. “Whatever” she told me as she rubbed her cheek. I looked at her smiling. She smiled me back and mouthed “I love u”.
“Are u sure that u want to go?” I asked her as I carried her downstairs. “100% sure” she replied. She has an important meeting today and she is hell bent on going there. Though I tried to convince her that I will manage, she didn’t budge. I finally gave in. I know I am there with her, but still that unknown fear of mine makes me more vulnerable. I made her sit on the sofa.”Nothing will happen, gym boy. As long as u are there with me, nothing will happen to me” she said placing her hand on mine. I smiled. I just hope everything would be fine. I bent down and sat down on my knees to make her wear her shoes. I sensed her adoring me. She placed her hands on my shoulder. I lifted her leg and made her wear one of the shoe. “Gym boy! You are treating me like a kid who is going for a school” she said pouting. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Singhania, I won’t do like this after the arrival of our child. Because, Then I would pamper him a lot” I told her in a mocking tone. She shrank her eyebrows and looked at me. Gosh!

She certainly looks like a cute kid. I grinned at her. “How rude! So, u will forget me after the arrival of our child”. As she uttered those, my eyes turned bloodshot. “How can u say like this?? Are u out of ur mind?? How can u say that I will forget u? You were, you are and you will be the first and the last woman in my life. ” I yelled at her. Her eyes became teary. “Sorry, gym boy. I just said that playfully. I didn’t mean that. I know how much u love me. In fact more than I love u.” She said in between her tears. Her teary eyes brought me back to senses. “CB, Please don’t ever dare to tell like this” I told her as I pecked her forehead. “Aren’t we becoming late for the meeting?” she asked me suddenly. “Thanks to u!” I told her sarcastically. She gave me a flying kiss. I just shook my head and muttered, “unbelievable”. She giggled. I lifted her other leg and made her to wear the other shoe. As I fastened the belt of her shoe, I sensed her firm grip on my arm. I looked at her. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and she clutched my shirt more tighter.
“I would like to stay with my wife during her delivery” I told the doctor who was about to enter the theatre. She nodded and gestured me to go inside. I almost ran inside. As I entered, I heard her screaming in pain. This was the thing, which I feared for. My mind became numb. Her condition brought tears to my eyes. “Gym boy” she managed to call me in between her screams. I clasped her hand tightly. “CB, nothing will happen.” I told her sounding to be brave. Words failed to come out of my mouth. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I could not bear her pain. My heart ached to see her in this state. I rubbed her hand to soothe her. “Doctor, she is becoming unconscious” I heard the nurse saying. Immediately, my heart panicked. Fear made my hands tremble. “WWhhat happened doctor?” I managed to ask. “Mr. Singhania, she is becoming unconscious. It is not safe for her. I am sorry to say this, but if she becomes unconscious, she may slip into coma”.

My body froze. The doctor’s words echoed in my ears continuously. COMA. NO. I will not let her go away from me. NEVER. I will not let my fate to snatch her from me. My heart screamed. “CB, Look here. Look at me!” I patted her cheeks. She managed to look at me with her eyes half closed. But she couldn’t and she closed her eyes. “CB! CB! Open your eyes! Look at your gym boy! Look at me once, please!” I yelled out to her. I patted her cheeks again. But she didn’t open. The doctor gave a helpless look at me. I held her hand and rubbed it. “NO! You can’t do this to me. You promised me yesterday night that u won’t leave me.” I turned and saw Arjun peeping through the glass door with teary eyes. “CB, Look your twin is crying. You always tease him that he looks like a girl while crying. Open your eyes and look at him. “OPEN YOUR EYES!!” I shouted as my voice cracked, but in vain. Fate is playing a bitter game with me. First it made her to enter my cursed life, then turned my hell like life to a heaven and then it wants to snatch her from me.

I slumped down beside her. I held her hand close to my eyes and buried my face into it. How I had hoped that everything would happen well?? But that cursed fate of mine! No. I won’t lose her to my fate. No.

“CB, I had planned to say this today after that meeting. But I had never ever dreamt even in my wildest dreams that I would say this in this situation.”
“I LOVE U MRS. AMAYA VIDYUT SINGHANIA!!” I told her as I brushed my lips against her hand. “You always wanted me to say this na?? Now I have said this, open your eyes” Still no response. The tears rolled down my cheeks and it fell on her face. I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt her finger gripping my hand. I opened my eyes. I looked at her. She looked at me with teary eyes. She smiled at me weakly.

“Fiinnnaally, u have said it” she told me in a weak voice. The doctor and the nurse smiled at me. She clutched my hand tightly as she started yelling in pain. Her increasing screams and yells made my heart bleed. “Push the baby, amaya! Push!” the doctor told her and she screamed more in pain. Her increasing painful screams made me realise the pain and the suffering a woman undergoes. She clutched my hand more tightly. “I am not able to, gym boy. I am not able to” she cried in pain. “You can do this, CB. You can.” I assured her. She cried in pain more. I could not tolerate her pain anymore. Suddenly, she yelled at the top of her voice and I heard the cry of our baby along with hers. Tears streamed down my cheeks hearing the cry of a baby.”Congratulations, Mr. Singhania. It’s a boy” The doctor told me, smiling. I looked at CB, who had become unconscious.

I panicked. “Is she fine??” “She is absolutely fine. This is due to the tiredness. She will become conscious in 1 or 2 hrs.” The doctor told me. “Your love had made her survive” she said smiling and went out of the room. Am a dad now. Dad of a baby boy. The nurse handed him to me. I held him as gently as I can. I looked at him. He looked at me with his big brown eyes. Same as his mom. I kissed CB on her forehead and caressed her cheek. I pecked my son’s forehead. He held my finger with his small, pink hands. This moment, I can’t describe in words. This is the moment that every dad in the world cherish. This is priceless. I have never thought that Fatherhood is this special. But, now I realised it. I have never ever thought that my life will become so special like this. The man who hated love, is drowning in the vast ocean of love. “Welcome to this world, baby” I told him gently. He looked at me deeply. Inherited from me, perhaps. I remembered her saying once, that she wanted a son who is a carbon copy of me. I looked at her sleeping form. I headed out with my son in my hands with a huge smile on my face.

Guys, deesh here. Thank u so much guys for the support. I am so happy to have many sisters in this site. Thank u so much for the love and the support. Hope u guys liked this. I know I am late guys. In fact, very late. I am having revision examinations and 2 papers per day. It makes me really busy. Sorry friends. Thanks for reading.

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