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Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Maha Episode

Hey guys I am back….But today I am back with a maha big twist….Hope u like the twist….

Recap:Swalak reconciled.

Laksh wakes Swara up.She realizes she was dreaming.
Swara:Laksh u know…I dreamt that I became pregnant.
He cups her face.
Laksh:Ur wish will surely come true one day.
He kisses her forehead and goes.She smiles and looks on.

All are having breakfast.
Annapurna:Ragini,Swara,Laksh,Sanskaar……..We all have decided that we will send u four on a mini honeymoon.Adarsh and Parineeta will also go.
Parineeta gets shy.
Parineeta:But Mummyji why me and Adarsh?
Annapurna:When they are going u also can go on a second honeymoon.
All smile.

Ragini and Sanskaar pack their bags.
Ragini:Somebody is in hurry to go on honeymoon.
They laugh.Ragini suddenly becomes silent.He asks what happened.
Ragini:I dont know Sanskaar,I feel as if this vacation is going to seperate us….we will stay together but we will not be one.
He jokes and makes her smile.She hugs him and is still worried. He goes from the room.She sees their wedding photo on the wall and takes it.She caresses it.Suddenly the photo slips from her hand and it falls,breaking the frame glass.She gets shocked and shouts Sanskaar.He comes there and gets shocked seeing her crying.He shouts Ragini.He comes to her and hugs her, consoling her

Swalak,Ragsan and Aari(adarsh and Parineeta) leave the house.Sujata sees the diyas blowing off and gets worried.

The couples reach Goa and smile seeing the city.They shop all day.

Sanskaar:Bhai,Lucky, I think that we will go bankrupt today….that too by our wives only.
Laksh:Even I think so.
The three laugh.
Swara:Poor husbands,they are getting bored there.
Parineeta:Then let us make it interesting for them!
They go outside the shop and call their husbands and ask them to find their wives.

Laksh looks for Swara.He sees someone standing and assumes her to be Swara.He goes to her and hugs her from behind.He says I love u.Its Ragini.She turns and they both get shocked seeing each other.He apologizes to her.She looks on and asks him not to make it awkward,we are friends naa….
They smile.

Sanskaar searches for Ragini.He sees Swara’s back and says even Ragini is wearing this coat.He hugs her tightly.She says Sanskaar….He says sorry and is nervous.She goes from there.

Adarsh finds Parineeta and hugs her.They all three couple return to their hotel.
The girls sleep together in a room and push the boys outside the room and give them another room’s keys.
The girls talk.
Ragini:I think our idea was not so good.
Swara:Even I think so….
They both think of hug.Parineeta looks at them.
Parineeta:O hello! Where r u both lost? Why was it not a good idea?
Swara dismisses it and goes to sleep.

In the night,Ragini wakes up and goes outside.She sits in the lawn of the hotel.Its raining.Sanskaar comes from behind and covers her with a shawl.They side hug.
Sanskaar:What happened?
Ragini:I was not getting sleep.Anyway lets go.
She turns to go.He holds her hand.
Sanskaar:I know u r worried.Tell me whats the matter?
Ragini:Sanskaar…..I am feeling strange.Dont know why.
He hugs her.

They go inside and find Swalak and Aari partying.They smile and join them.They drink a lot and are drunk.They dance on kar gayi Chull…plays….and Break up song….plays…..
Swara stands on the table and shouts(funny scene) Go ka Queen B kaun!!!!!!(Who is the Queen B of Goa).Me!!!!!
Sanskaar goes to her.
Swara:Yeh Sss Sss kya kar rahe ho? (What r u doing Ssss Sss).
Sanskaar:Swara!!! Get down….right now…
They look at each other and laugh.She stumbles and he holds her.They look at each other.Music plays…..She stands up and they laugh again.

Ragini sits on the floor(another funny scene).Laksh comes to her and sits with her.She makes a cute sad face.
Laksh:What happened to my princess?
She looks at him.She pretends to cry loudly.He shuts her mouth.They come close and have an eyelock.She then laughs and calls him duffer but cute one(pulling his cheeks.)

Parineeta and Adarsh come to room and fall asleep on the couch itself.Swaragini and Sanlak sit in the lawn of the hotel.Swara sits near Sanskaar and Ragini sits near Laksh.The four fall asleep on each other’s lap.Its morning, Some people see them and gossip.The panchayat(of that town) come to that hotel.Swasan and Raglak wake up and and get shocked seeing themselves in an intimate position.(they did got get intimate).They compose themselves and stand up.They look down.
Panchayat:What is this misbehaviour in this hotel?
Manager:Sir forgive me! They are married couple so…..
Panchayat:If they are married they must give proof.
Ragini:Proof? Proof is the mangalsutra and sindoor which Swara and I are wearing.And even our husbands are wearing wedding ring.
Panchayat:Come outside the hotel in 20 mins.

Swaragini and Sanlak come outside after freshing up.Swara(in her yellow salwar kameez with hair open) and Ragini(in her salwar kameez which she wore when she saw Laksh as Abhimanyu).
Panchayat:So u say u r married couple right?
Ragini sternly says yes.
A man gives sindoor in Sanskaar and Laksh’s hands and ask them to fill it in their wives’s hairline.(maang)
Sanskaar takes a pinch and proceeds to put it in Ragini’s maang.Laksh also does the same with Swara.Panchayat stops them.
Panchayat:Arrey!(ohh) what were u going t do? U had to fill ur wives’s hairline.
Sanskaar:But we were going to do the same.
Panchayat shows them the picture he clicked when they were sleeping.(the man is enemy with Shekhar and had vowed to ruin his daughter’s lives.)He smirks.
Panchayat:U(Sanskaar) have to fill this girl’s maang(Swara) and U (laksh) has to fill this her maang(Ragini).
Ragini and Swara cries and are shocked.
Ragini:R u out of ur mind? I told u that I am married with Sanskaar Maheshwari and this is my Sister Swara.She is married to Laksh Maheshwari.R ur doubts clear now?
Panchayat:Look if u dont get married now,this pic will be published in the newspaper tomorrow and ur family will lose name.
They are shocked and look on.
Parineeta:How dare u blackmail us? We are the Maheshwaris remember that.We dont care if u put this pic anywhere u want coz they are not at fault.

The panchayat chef signs a man.Some goons Put Adarsh and Parineeta at gunpoint.
Swara:Parineeta Bhabhi!!
Panchayat:No u have to marry or else ur dear brother and sister in law will lose their lives.
Ragini gets angry and goes to him.
Ragini:Why r u forcing us like this? Why?
He plays with his moustache and she remembers in her childhood he used to come and fight with Shekhar.
Ragini:Oh so u want to take revenge on us by doing all this?
He laughs and says u r smart.Swara comes and holds Ragini’s hand.She says Ragini is not alone.Swaragini plays…..

More goons come and surround them.They are shocked and look on.Laksh gets angry and tries to beat the goons but they hurt Adarsh so he stops.Chef asks them to decide fast.Swaragini look at Aari and cries miserably.They then look at each other.Chef understand their answer and brings two bridal dupattas for them and dorns in on them.Swaragini stare him angrily.He then asks Swaragini to remove their mangalsutra and gives Sanlak.Swaragini remember their marriage while removing the mangalsutra.Parineeta gets angry and shouts no Swara!! No Ragini! Adarsh also shouts Laksh Sanskaar stop them.Sanlak also cry.Ragini gives Laksh the mangalsutra while looking at Sanskaar.Swara also does the same.Aapki Aashiqui….plays….

Sanskaar unwillingly makes Swara wears the mangalsutra and fills her maang with Sindoor.Laksh also does the same and gets sad seeing Ragini crying.Swaragini and Sanlak cry miserably.Parineeta and Adarsh also cry badly.Aapki Aashiqui….plays….

Precap:Swaragini and Sanlak return home.Annapurna gets happy seeing them.She brings the pooja thali and gets shocked seeing Sanskaar holding Swara’s hand and Laksh holding Ragini’s hand.Swaragini are in shock.The four are wearing garland.Annapurna drops the thali in shock and cries.She shouts no.

Hey guys so this was the twist that I will make the couple become Swasan and Raglak from Swalak and Ragsan.Hope u liked it….Plzzz comment how it was….love u lots guys and always keep smiling :)…..

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