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Shakti 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co

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Preeto packs the stuff and gives to Harman, saying she will make herself understand that she has no son. Harman says okay…I will take this with me, but will not throw this and will keep it with me. I will return it to you when we meet. He starts walking towards Soumya……Preeto cries. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and start walking. Soumys is in shock too. She thinks about Preeto’s words and stops walking. She thinks about Preeto telling that She and Soumya can’t stay under the same roof and asking Harman to pay her debt. Harman asks Soumya, what happened. Soumya says no, we will not go leaving this house. She goes to Preeto and folds her hands requesting her to let her stay in the house, and says I will stay at a corner of the house, will

do all house work and will eat leftover food. She requests her not to throw her out and asks them to give small place to her in their big place. She goes to Harak Singh and Viren, and ask them to make Preeto understand and says you people can treat me as a servant, but please let me stay in the house. She says I won’t give chance to anyone to complain. Harman looks on. Harak Singh looks at Preeto. He says I can give langar to all Gurdaspur, and says he is ready to keep a servant for Harman. Harman looks on angrily. Raavi comes and takes the stuff from Harman’s hand.

Maninder Singh comes to meet Abhishek. Abhishek comes and greets him. Maninder asks him to marry her daughter Surbhi. Abhishek says aunty died just few days back and says marriage can’t happen in a year now. Maninder says I know, but Nimmi’s last wish to see her married. He says Surbhi needs a partner and is broken. He asks Abhishek to marry Surbhi. Abhishek says I will talk to Surbhi before taking a decision. Maninder asks him to come home and talk to her. Abhishek says he will come in the evening or tomorrow morning to talk to Surbhi, and goes. Maninder thinks once Surbhi gets married, then he will not ask anything from God.

Harman asks Soumya why did she agree to become servant and says Preeto and Harak Singh got a chance to insult her now, and says I saved you from Kinnar’s house. Soumya tells him that she don’t want to separate him from his family. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Harman loves them, but kinnar made him helpless, and says he is feeling very helpless now. Raavi tells them that they will make Soumya helpless and will trouble her to the core that she will feel her life ruined, and she will accept that she doesn’t deserve Harman. Preeto wipes her tears and says she wants her son only. She says my son’s life is attached to Soumya’s end, and says she doesn’t care about her. Harak Singh asks her not to get worried and says he has to settle some scores.

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