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Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) Chapter 25

“Ansh…. Ansh….. Champ get up” said Sanskar shaking Ansh who was sleeping hugging him. He looked at the watch and it showed 3 minutes to 12. He looked again and again at the clock and tried to wake up Ansh. “Kya hai chachu. Sone do na” said Ansh in sleepy tone. “Champ don’t you remember what did we plan?” asked Sanskar. “Chachu please” said Ansh pouting. “Get up champ” said Sanskar making Ansh sit. He dialed a number and waited.
“Ahhh. Whose calling at this time? Annoying people doesn’t even have a common sense when to call?” said Ragini looking at her vibrating phone. She struggled a lot to recognize the number with her blur vision. “Unknown number? Who will call me at this time?” said Ragini yawning and got up from the bed and received the call and said “Hello” in drowsy voice. “Ansh” whispered Sanskar shaking Ansh who was sitting with closed eyes. “Chachu…” cried Ansh annoyed. “Ansh?” asked Ragini surprised. “Hmmm? Hmmm Ragu dee” said Ansh half awake. “Ansh? You are calling at this time? Are you okay bacha. Ananya teekh tho hai na?” asked Ragini worried. “Wait I will come there” said Ragini picking her dupatta.

Sanskar who was smiling at her concern towards Ansh and Ananya jerked and said “No…. No Ragini” Ragini stopped. “I mean Ansh wanted to tell you something that’s all and nothing to worry both are fine” said Sanskar. Ragini sighed and relaxed and sat on the bed and said “Thank God. Ansh what did you wanted to say. That too at this time bacha?” Ansh was drooling feeling sleepy. “Ansh” whispered Sanskar shaking him. Ragini shrank her eyebrows trying to listen what Ansh and Sanskar were talking. “Hmmm? Ragu dee wo” said Ansh and stopped and closed his eyes. “Ansh?” said Ragini again. Ansh jerked and said “Happy birthday Ragu dee. Now good night. And chachu I finished saying. Now don’t wake me up again” said Ansh and fell on the bed and dozed off. Sanskar hit his head with his phone. He looked at the phone and kept the phone near his ear. Ragini who was surprised due to Ansh’s wishes and was nervous what to speak. There was a long awkward silence between them. It felt like they were new love birds and were nervous to talk after confessing the love. “Hello” both of them said at the same time. Both smiled blushing. “Hmmm?” said Ragini continuing. “Wo wo Ansh was not listening only he wanted to wish you first” said Sanskar explaining. “Hmmm that’s okay.” said Ragini calmly. The cool breeze was increasing anxiety of their hearts which were beating in sync. Again awkward silence. “Okay. I will talk to Ansh in the morning” said Ragini and was about to disconnect the call. “Hello hello Ragini” said Sanskar swiftly. Ragini’s heart fluttered with joy listening her name from his voice. “Hmmm” said Ragini lost. “Happy birthday” said Sanskar smiling widely. Ragini’s lips curved into a wide smile. She closed her eyes blushing. “Thank you” said Ragini calmly. The cool moon outside which made her face shine was cooling her racing heart. Sanskar’s heart was dancing listening her calm voice. “And” said Sanskar gathering all his courage. “And?” asked Ragini curious biting her lower lip. “I…. I love you” said Sanskar hesitant and disconnected the call. Ragini widened her eyes shocked. Her eyes were ready to jump from her eye socket. Her heart stopped for a second. She looked at her phone shocked and found it disconnected. “Mental shameless Maheshwari” said Ragini and moved to her bed. She lied on the bed and Swara encircled her hand around Ragini’s neck in sleep. Ragini hugged Swara and looked at the ceiling. She remembered Sanskar’s kiddish behavior and smiled a bit. She nodded her head in disbelief and closed her eyes and dozed off. Somewhere in sky Vikram was smiling with tearful eyes looking at Ragini’s smile.
Sanskar fell on his bed blushing. He dragged Ansh and hugged him and dozed off smiling. Somewhere in sky Pari smiled through her tears placing her head on Adarsh’s shoulder looking at Sanskar’s smile.

“Happy birthday Ragu maa” said Swara smiling holding her teddy as soon as she got up from bed. Ragini hugged her and said “Ale. My Shona bacha remembered my birthday wow this is my best birthday first that ghanchakkar Maheshwari wished me and my Shona bacha remembered my birthday” “Ghanchakkar Maheshwari?” asked Swara. Ragini then realized what she just spoke and bit her tongue. “Ohho shona bacha how much you will talk. I’m getting late. Have food on time and don’t trouble maa ok. Bye. Maa Bye” said Ragini and headed out of her home. “Hey Bhagvan what is wrong with me?” said Ragini blushing and hitting her forehead slightly. She jerked when a person holding boquet stood in front of her suddenly. The person slightly lowered the boquet. Ragini found Yohan smiling holding the bouquet. “Oye Khajur. You know how much I got scared?” said Ragini panting. “Happy Birthday my Rapenzul” said Yohan smiling. “Oh you remembered?” asked Ragini surprised. Before he could speak Ragini’s phone buzzed. She excused herself and picked the call. “Happy Birthday Rockstar…..” screamed Dayal and Kavya from other side. Ragini jerked and held the phone a bit away from her ear and closed her eyes smiling. “How did you know?” asked Ragini excited. “Leave all that. You are gonna meet me today evening. And that’s my birthday gift” said Kavya. “Oh Hello birthday is mine okay” said Ragini. “Tho. I got up at 7 o clock to wish on your birthday. That’s my birthday gift for you” said Kavya proudly. Ragini smiled and nodded her head in disbelief. “Okay meri maa. I will meet you today. Happy?” asked Ragini. “Princess” called Yohan. “Okay Kavi meet you in the evening” said Ragini disconnecting the call. Kavya felt a bit strange feeling but brushed her thoughts.

“This is your birthday gift” said Yohan forwarding a small box. “Yohan. Why is this all?” asked Ragini. “Oye hello you don’t have any choice. Take it” said Yohan with fake anger. Ragini twisted her lips and took the box. She opened it and found a pendant. It was a heart shaped pendant. Ragini looked at him confused. Yohan smiled and signed her to open it. Ragini opened it and found her family pic. Tears flowed from her eyes. “This…. This pic was lost when we shifted from the old house to here. Where did you get this?” asked Ragini with twinkling eyes. “Actually when I came back to India I went to your old house to search you there I found it. I thought I will give it to you when I meet you, but it just went out of my mind. When I was thinking what should I gift which you will not refuse this pic came in my mind. I miniaturized it and fixed in this pendant” said Yohan. Ragini sobbed and controlled her tears. “Hey Ragu. Didn’t you like it? I’m sorry. I did not I will hurt you” said Yohan and wiped her tears. Ragini nodded and hugged him tight and said “This was the best gift I ever got. I don’t know how to thank you” said Ragini sobbing. Yohan smiled and caressed her hair and consoled her.

“What is this?” asked Ragini entering the office looking at the decorations. “Don’t know. When I came the office was decorated like this” said Riya. Ragini looked around and when she looked at Sanskar she found him instructing office boys something. “Anyways. Happy birthday sweetheart” said Riya smiling and hugging Ragini. Ragini smiled and hugged her back. Sanskar looked at Ragini. Her innocent and beautiful smile and little pout made him smile dreamily. His senses came back and he stood out of his cabin. “Attention everyone” called Sanskar grabbing everyone’s attention. All turned and faced him. “You all must be wondering what is the occasion today. Why is office decorated” said Sanskar looking at everyone. He smiled a bit blushing. Ragini felt some strange feeling. “Actually today is birthday of my soul” said Sanskar looking at Ragini. They had a brief eye lock. Sanskar’s sentence echoed in Ragini’s heart. “So people enjoy yourself” said Sanskar and headed to his cabin. “Aaj tho tera birthday hai na? Does that mean you are his soul?” asked Riya teasing. “Shut up Riya” said Ragini with fake anger.

“Yes sir” said Ragini picking her call. “Ragini. I have kept a file in my cabin. Will you be able to send it to my home. Driver must be coming. I’m not well so won’t be able to come to office” said Sahil. “Sure sir” said Ragini. She disconnected the call and headed to Sahil’s cabin.

“Yup got it” said Ragini holding a file which she was searching. She turned and her dupatta stuck in the chair and fell down. “Mr. Raheja” said Sanskar entering the cabin. Ragini who was looking at her dupatta jerked and covered herself with the file. Sanskar looked at her and was shocked looking at Ragini. He closed his eyes and turned to leave. “Sorry” he said softly. But he stopped and turned to Ragini who was struggling to remove her dupatta. She saw Sanskar and again covered herself. Sanskar neared her and Ragini started breathing nervously sensing his approach. Her grip on the file tightened and she stared ground. Sanskar stood very near to her. He bent to release her dupatta and in the process he was very close to her. Ragini closed her eyes feeling his fragrance. Sanskar released her dupatta and covered her with it and while he was taking his hand back it slightly touched her shoulder. Ragini felt butterflies in her stomach. Sanskar stopped near her ear and whispered “Happy birthday my soul”. Ragini opened her eyes shocked. By the time she could grasp anything Sanskar headed to his cabin. Ragini came out of Sahil’s cabin nervous. She handed the file to Sahil’s driver and continued her work. But she was struggling to concentrate.

“Wow pastries that too black forest. Ragini your favorite” screeched Riya as the office boy distributed the pastries. Before Ragini smiled weakly and took the pastry nervously. Before she could take a bite, the office boy said her that Sanskar is calling her to his cabin. “Okay you finish and come I will be waiting in canteen” said Riya to Ragini. It was lunch time and whole staff was in canteen. Ragini headed to Sanskar’s cabin. “Excuse me sir?” said Ragini peeping in. Sanskar signed her to come inside and she complied. “Actually Ms. Gadodia. I have a doubt in this file can you just clear it” said Sanskar showing the file. “Khadoos” said Ragini under her breath. Sanskar bit his cheeks hearing her. She bent and analyzed the file. She felt something creamish on her cheek and nose. She looked at Sanskar who was standing beside her and laughing looking at her. Ragini fumed in anger. She lifted her hand to wipe it. Sanskar stopped her by holding her elbows. He wiped the cream with his lips. Ragini closed her eyes feeling his sensuous lips on her nose. Sanskar looked at her and smiled. He moved to her cheek and kissed it deeply. Ragini held his blazer tightly. “You should not waste food Ms. Gadodia” said Sanskar huskily. Ragini blushed and pushed him and ran out of his cabin and stood at her work breathing heavily. “Control Ragini. Don’t lose yourself” thought Ragini and headed to canteen to join Riya

“Ragu. Its 6. Chal will leave” said Riya and Ragini complied. As she headed out of the office she got Kavya’s call. “Hello ha Kavi. I just left office now. I will be at your place in another 15 minutes” said Ragini and headed to Kavya’s house.

“Happy Birthday” said Kavya and Dayal as Ragini entered their house. Ragini held her cheeks surprised and opened her mouth shocked. “Come on Rockstar. Time to cut the cake” said Dayal. “But Shona dee” said Ragini. “You shona dee will miss to be a part of your happiness any time?” asked Yohan standing at door with Swara and Sumi. Ragini looked at Dayal smiling through her tears. “You deserve this rockstar. Now don’t flood here. Come on come on” said Dayal and pushed her to the cake. Everyone clapped when Ragini blew the candles and cut the cake. She held her pendant gifted by Yohan which she was wearing like she was holding her family together and smiled through her tears. Life was falling in place. But was she ready to acknowledge it was the real question.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh silver jublee episode. How is it guys. Just wanted to know how are you people finding the story. Thank you all for your immense love and support. I’m really grateful to you people. Love you.

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