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Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 39 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Gini” said Janaki entering Ragini’s room. Ragini who was sobbing holding Golu saw Janaki and immediately hugged her as she sat beside her on the bed. “What happened bacha?” asked Janaki concerned. “I cannot avoid him maa. I cannot. Mai kya karu? How much ever I try to go away from him he drags me more close to him. Why is he not understanding maa. Why?” said Ragini sobbing. “Because he loves you bacha. He loves you. I have never seen someone loving a person so immensly. You are so lucky to have him in your life” said Janaki cupping her face. “What kind of love is this maa. His determination is hurting me. He is hurting me” said Ragini. “Because he knows only his presecnce makes you happy. Your happiness lies in him. So how will he let you hurt yourself Bacha. Shhh now. I know you will never go against your dadda. Just for once try to grow out of your Dadda’s hold Gini” said Janaki wiping her tears. “No maa I cannot. I… I cannot” sobbed Ragini tightly hugging Janaki. She caressed Ragini’s hair and tried consoling her.

“She is slept?” asked Shekar standing at Ragini’s room door when Janaki was patting Ragini’s head making her sleep in her lap. Janaki wiped her tears and looked at Shekar with rage filled eyes. Shekar lowered his eyes sensing Janaki’s anger. Janaki placed Ragini’s head on the pillow and kept her Golu beside her. She kissed Ragini’s forehead closing her eyes painfully and a tear dropped from her eye. As Janaki headed to her room Aniket stood infront of Ragini’s room and watched Ragini painfully. “I will surely fight RD for your happiness. Let the world be against it, I don’t care”. He wiped his tears and headed to his room.

“Are you happy now Shekar?” asked Janaki entering their room. Shekar who was sitting on the bed leaning back with the help of pillow looked at her. Janaki wiped her tears fearcely and neared him and sat infront of him. “Why Shekar? Why are you doing this? Even if you are miles apart from her before me you will sense her pain and sorrows, then when she is in front of you why are you ignoring her pain. He loves your daughter Shekar, please understand that. But if you cannot understand that atleast accept that your Gini loves him” said Janaki holding his hand. Her tears flowed uncontrollably. Shekar jerked her hand and slid in the bed with null expression. Janaki looked at him with painfull eyes. “But She loves me” she remembered Nitin’s words and how he tied the hanky to Ragini’s bleeding hand uneffected by the situation. For him only Ragini’s pain mattered more than anything. Janaki was a mother. She did not needed years to understand a person and his emotions. She saw immense love in Nitin’s eyes for Ragini. “I have full confidence on my Son in law. He will melt your ego also” thought Janaki and wiped her tears determined and headed to her side of bed. “Please Kanha ji meri Gini ki khushiya lauta do” prayed Janaki closing her eyes and dozed off.


“Hey Gini. Have you seen Nitin anywhere?” asked Shravnthi standing beside Ragini in the college corridor looking around. “No” said Ragini bluntly. Shravanthi bit her cheeks inside sensing Ragini’s cold behavior. “Arrey yar, yeh Nittu bhi na. Yar he told me he will meet me here at 10 and its already 10.30 and he is not yet come” said Shravanthi resting her elbow on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini took a deep breath to cool her boiling anger. She gave Shravanthi fake smile and jerked her elbow. Shravanthi looked at her shocked. “Wo… wo… Shravanthi I have a class” said Ragini and left from there furiously. Shravanthi burst out laughing as soon as Ragini disappeared. “He told he will meet her? But why?” thought Ragini. “Ahhh why do you care? Let him meet Aishwarya Rai also” said Ragini. “What if he only wants to meet Ragini Gadodia” said Nitin walking beside her. “I don’t care” said Ragini without realizing. “Really?” asked Nitin. Ragini realized what did she just said and bit her tongue and closed her eyes. “I love your this expression Mrs. Roy” said Nitin rubbing his nose against her nose. Ragini opened her eyes wide and looked at him. He smiled mischiviously. “Don’t you call me that” said Ragini showing her index finger. Nitin kissed her finger and winked at her. Ragini felt goosebumps all over her body. She opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape and dragged her finger back. She slid her choti behind and walked furiously. Nitin caressed his neck blushing.

“Oye hoye. Ki baat hai. Shri Ram ji tho bade flirt karne ke mood me hai aaj kal” said Manny encircling his hands around Nitin’s neck. “Now if you people make Sita mayya angry Shri Ram ji only has to cool her na?” said Nitin shrugging his shoulders. “Lage Raho” said Manny smiling and dragged Nitin with him to their class.

“What happened Rachu?” asked Radhika in Chemistry class when she found Rachna nervous and not concentrating. “I don’t know yar Radhu. I’m feeling restless. I feel like talking to Kabeer now only” said Rachna worried. Radhika placed her hand on Rachna’s shoulder and said “Chillax babes. You are just worried as the engagement day is nearing. Don’t over stress yourself” Rachna smiled at her weakly. “Yeh lo lady kumbakaran ji tho maze me so rahi hai” said Radhika looking at Suhani who had closed her eyes and rested her head on her right hand palm sitting beside Rachna. Rachna looked at her and she looked back at Radhika. Both of them winked their eyes at a time. “Ani. Manny is taking your Samosa plate. Get up baby” whispered Rachna in Suhani’s ears. Suhani who smiled hearing Manny’s name in sleep suddenly jerked and got up and she was about to shout when her chemistry teacher turned and asked “Yes Suhani. You have any doubt in this chemical equation?” Suhani brushed her hair and took a second to realize where she was actually and looked at her chemistry teacher who was looking at her confused. “Wo ma’am. Can you please explain the equation again” said Suhani nervous.

“Concentrate Suhani” said ma’am and turned to board to explain the equation again. All her classmates were giving dearh glares to her as they have to listen to the same explaination again. She smiled weakly and said sorry softly looking at everyone and sat. Rachna and Radhika looked at the board controlling their laugh. Suhani glared both of them.
“I hate you both” said Suhani walking in the corridor after the chemistry class. Rachna and Radhika were following her laughing. “But we love you” shouted both of them. Suhani turned to them and twisted her lips and walked turning back again. “Ha ha ha ha” laughed Rachna and Radhika entering canteen behind Suhani who was huffing in anger. “Hey Ani Samosa” said Manny forwarding a plate of Samosa which he brought for her. Suhani glared him. He looked at her confused. Radhika and Rachna burst out laughing more. “Get out of my way Sadu” said Suhani pushing Manny aside. “What did I do now?” asked Manny confused. Radhika and Rachna gave high five looking at Manny. “Will anybody explain me what’s happening?” said Ishan looking at the situation confused.

“Acha. Ha ha ha ha. That was funny” said Ishan laughing when Radhika narrated him whatever happened in class. Suhani glared him. “But what did I do?” asked Manny pouting. “You shouldn’t have come in her dreams Manny” said Rachna teasing. “Siyappa queen it’s all because of you. Tere ko mai hi milta hu band bajane ko?” asked Manny annoyed. Suhani pouted sadly and placed her head on Manny’s shoulder. Manny was surprised and smiled looking at her childish behavior. Suhani had number of ways to ask sorry and surprise people and this was one of them. Manny touched his head with hers and coveyed that he did not mind her momentary outburst. Suhani smiled widely and held his shoulder happy. “Oye Jamai Raja. What happened?” asked Radhika when she found Nitin restless and searching something. “Did you see Ragu?” asked Nitin worried. “Ohho Nittu. She might be coming.

Just in five minutes you are becoming so restless” said Suhani teasing him. “I will just check and come” said Nitin and tried to go from there. “Nitin” said Ishan holding his hand. Nitin stopped but did not turn. “Don’t get attached so much. When you will have to detach yourself it will be hell difficult” said Ishan painfully looking at him. A tear dropped from Nitin’s eye. He controlled his anxiety and turned smiling. “I will never have to get detached from her Ishan. I… I will never have to” said Nitin smiling through his tears. Ishan’s heart pained look at him like that. “Hey bhagvan, So much madness” thought Ishan. Radhika kept her hand on Ishan’s shoulder and brought him to reality. Ishan smiled weakly at Nitin and left his hand. Nitin wiped the tear which developed at the corner of his eye and headed to Ragini’s class.


“How dare you?” said Ragini holding a boy’s hand who was trying to pull a dupatta from a junior girl’s neck. “Listen Ragini. Don’t interfere in my personal matters” said Aditya her classmate. “You are pulling a dupatta from a girl’s neck and saying your personal matter?” said Ragini jerking his hand. “Ragini be in your limits” said Aditya furious. “First you be in your limits Aditya then teach me my limits” said Ragini. She turned to the girl who was sobbing and said “Come Sahana. Don’t get scared to such spineless people” and dragged the girl with her. Aditya got angry and held Ragini’s hair. “Ahhh” screamed Ragini and she winced in pain. Nitin who was smiling and coming to meet Ragini saw a boy holding her hair and she struggling. His anger did not take a second to erupt looking at her tears. He walked furiously and held the boys hand furiously. Ragini could not turn but she could sense Nitin’s presence. “Leave” said Nitin coldly looking furiosly at the boy. The boy did not budge. He held her hair more tightly and Ragini winced in pain. Nitin gritted his teeth and held the boys other hand and twisted and pinned to his back and screamed “I said Leave” His voice echoed in whole block and people jerked due to his anger.

The boy winced in pain and his grip on Ragini’s hair loosened. Ragini dragged herself from there and stood beside Nitin whose eyes were red emitting fire. “Dare you touch her or any girl in college Mr. You won’t have hands left with you” said Nitin twisting his hand more. He jerked his hand when Ragini held his other hand to cool him. Aditya fell down with a thud due to the force. He held his paining hand and looked at Nitin angry. Nitin held Ragini’s wrist and turned to leave. “Why do you care. Wo lagti kya hai teri” said Aditya furious. Nitin stopped. He held Ragini’s hand and neared Aditya who was still on ground. Nitin held his collar with one hand and pulled him up. “I need not give you any explanation Mr. But when you are so curious to know then let me tell you. She is my life.” Ragini looked at Nitin. Her tears stopped flowing. “And dare you mess with my life. I will show you hell. Did you get that?” said Nitin jerking his collar. He turned and started moving still holding Ragini’s wrist. Ragini was lost. He was dragging her more and more close to him. And she was losing herself every second.

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