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Spoilers – 23rd November 2016


Avni’s photo appears in the newspaper because of her participation in Gen next fashion show. The article upsets Avni, as she is accused of being an illegitimate child. Avni cries reading she is a sin child. Fatima and Aladin get upset when Avni tells the shocking news to them. Avni does not get discouraged by the piece of news. She tells Fatima that she will win the fashion show and none can stop her from earning a big name. Later, Avni gets the news that police has arrested Asha for no offence. Avni runs to Fatima and tells about Asha’s arrest.


Malaika has come to create hurdles in Rishi and Tanuja’s lives. Rishi is troubled by Malaika. He thinks Malaika is planning to break them, as she knows their whereabouts and comes everywhere following them. Rishi and Tanuja make excuse, and run away from the hotel. Malaika gets worried to lose track on them. Malaika finds Tanuja. She takes her aside and insults her, asking her to be away from Rishi.

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