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Swaragini- Bin tere (promo)

This promo is dedicated to rabia0032

A palace
A girl wearing a lehenga was laughing and running some girls were running behind her.
Girls – rajkumari ruk jayiye…..
The girl was still running 

Scene changes

A priest came to a hall walking fastly

Priest – maharaj , i have to talk an important matter with you
Maharaj – what is it gurudev
Priest – it s about rajkumari
Maharaj – rajkumari
Priest – ha maharaj . I can feel a danger coming to her life.
Maharaj – is there any way to protect my grand daughter
Priest – dont worry maharaj a person will protect her from all the evils
Maharaj – who is it ? I will bring him here anyhow
Prieat – you dont need to bring him here he will come here by himself
Maharaj – who is he
Priest – he is the one for whom rajkumari is made. He will come . He and rajkumari is  tied together for 7 lives.  He is the one to protect her…………

New York

A man is seen  walking towards a company . Security were there all around him with guns in their hands. He is wearing a black suit with an angry look. Looking dashing hot and handsome. All the female employees were lokkimg at him with their mouth wide opened . But he was not giving a simple glance to them…

Guys its a small promo
Hope you wont get confused . If any confusion i will clear it you
Shower with your valuable comments…. ?

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