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Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi (devakshi & archi) Intro

Hello everyone, I just joined and I’m new to all these things , I use to read ff and I always looked forward to writing 1 ff but I never got a chance to so now I got it anyhow I don’t want waste anyone’s time before starting the intro I request you all to plz comment if u like the ff and plz support me guys I’m very new to all this I have never written ff before but trust me I’m a good writer so plz comment and support me I will continue only if I get a positive response

Introduction :
This a devakshi and archi ff as I’m a big fan of them so first I will be introducing the characters then the story line k here I begin


DEV dikshit ( played by Shaheer sheikh );a 26 year old handsome,rude and dashing business man ,elder son of raj dikshit and sunayna dikshit, handles his dad’s business and elder brother of aryan dikshit

Aryan dikshit ( played by kinshuk vaidya ); a 24 years old charming and dashing younger son of raj dikshit and sunayna dikshit, handles his dad’s business along with his elder brother Dev loves his family and can’t tolerate even a word against his family

Raj dikshit(played by Chetan pandit ) : the most famous and leading business man of Mumbai, and son of nileema dikshit ,is also a very strict father and fallows his customs and culture very strictly

Sunayana dikshit ( played by monica bedi ); wife of raj dikshit and a very caring and loving mother,loves her family and is a house wife,she has diebities

Nileema dikshit; a very fun loving and caring grandma of Dev and aryan, loves her grandsons and at the same time very strict in terms of values ,customs and culture

Sonakshi Mittal (played by Erica fernandes ); 25 year old gorgeous and leading nutritionist of Mumbai, daughter of Abhinav Mittal and komal and elder sister of sanchi ,loves her family

Sanchi Mittal (played by shivya pathania ); 22 years old stunning and beautiful fashion designer, daughter of Abhinav and komal, younger sister of Sonakshi, loves her family a lot and can’t tolerate a word against her family

Abhinav Mittal; a very humorous and fun loving man and is an engineer who hardly earns an income which doesn’t even meets his daily expenses

Komal Mittal (played by pubali sanyal ); wife of Abhinav loves her family

Dikshit family;

A very rich family in status and as well as in family values and customes ,lives in mumbai

Mittal family;

A very fun loving and ordinary family who has great family values and is a very educated family love and care each other a lot

How’s the intro? Do u like it or not plzz let me know through your comments if u like it then I will continue my ff depends on u all u will decide whether I should continue or not If I get a positive response then I will surely continue

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