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Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 5 ~fairy

Hey guyz fairy is back wid another episode…thnku so much for such beautiful comments on previous chappy.

Link to prev. Episode- Part 4

So lets start episode 5…..

“Raginiiii…dis is d limit”-said sumi enterng rags room angrily.
“Kya hua chachi(wt happened chachi)”said rags pretending to b dat d most innocent grl is d world. ?
“Kya hua??hayy ram!!see ….see how shez acting!!as if she dont know anythng”-said sumi to swara pointing towards ragini.
“Raginiji.i very well know dat ..u had nly done something ..dats why d boy cancelled d marriage”-said sumi n den continues
“I reallly dont understand wts d prob. Of dis grl!!she nver understand dat i wants her hapliness nly…rago y u r soo stubborn …y rago..y dont u understand dat m forcing u to marry for a reason only…why dont u understand dat …ahh!!leave it”-said sumi wid moisted eyes.

Swara sees it n holds her shoulder n says-“maa !!wts dis ..now dnt cry” n den looks at rags who cnt able to bear d situation n hugged sumi.

Rags-“m sorry,m sorry,so sorry ,sorry sorry sorrry ..plz stop cryng plzzz…u know na i cnt see tears in ur eyes ..plz dnt cry “-said rags in cracking voice.

Sumi parted her n kissed her forhead…n said wipeing rags tears-“n i cnt see ..u cryng!!i love u so much baccha ..maybe shreya had given birth to u but still u are my own child.we are connected through hearts.. we are soul bonded!! …so jst have faith in me..hmm..i wl nver do nythng bad for u!!”
Rags nodded like a child n again hugged her.
Swara pouted n said-“ahh!!mom-daughter duo forgot me…not fair”

Rags says opeing her arms . “nautanki…aaja(come)”
Swara runs towards dem saying-“dat i am,,as m ur sister nly”n joined dem .
Trio shared a sweet n peaceful hug.showing dere strong bonding n care towards eo.
“Okay now stop all dese senti talks n wipe ur tears coz u know na DR.RAGINI PRATAP jst hate…..”-rags words r cutted by sumi n swara.
“Tearss….”-said swasumi smiling at dere sweet innocent doc
? …
“34-35-36-37-38…”-counted bheema for d maheshwari brothers ,who are doing pushupps.
“Commmon lucky bro ,u cn beat sanky bro dis tym”-hooted uttara supporting laksh,who ws totally tired till now n doing pushups wid much of difficulty..
“Hahhahaha laksh ..i think dis tym also u”ll loose ur bet”-said adarsh lookng towards sanky,who ws doing pushups really fastly n enjoyng his lill bro laksh’s condition
“Ahhhh!!!now i accept my defeat”-said laksh rooling in pain on d floor of maheshwaris gym room.
“Shit!!lucky bhai again u made us loose”-said uttara snatchng d chips packet from rashmi n poutng sadly.

“Ohoo!!looks lyk someone wl break his 87 pushups record today”-said adarsh pointing towards sanky,who ws still cont. His pushups..
“98-99-100-101″…wohooo 101…new record bhaiyaji”-shouted bheema in excietment ,as sanky stopped.
“Yeah chachu new record wowww!!”-said rashmi n ansh(adarsh-pari child) jumping on sanky..
“Yeahh!!champ n priencess …new record..bt soon i”ll break dis also”-said sanky blikng his one eye.
“Are laksh…common get up!!wt happened..y r u still down??”-said sanky forwading his hand to laksh,whoz still cuddling on d floor.
“Ahh!!bhai its paining”-laksh finally manages to say something.
“Hahahah..i already warned u ..dat pushups are not for kids..bt u ddnt listened to me once..”-said adarsh laughngly.
“Arey wt happened to my laksh”-said sujata coming inside d jym

“See na chachi ..bhai is makng fun of my pain”-complained lucky.
“Are mera baccha..come i”ll massage you ..come”-said sujata ,helpng laksh to get up
“Huh!!nly chachi is dere for me…nobody loves me here except for my sujju”-said laksh cutely.
Sujata smiles at his antics..

“Bhai pass me dat apple na”-said sanky to adarsh.
“Sanky u talked about mr.solankhi deal na..i think we should finalise it”-said adarsh passing apple to sanky.
“Yeah!!even i think d same..ahhhh!!”-screeemed sanky as he takes frst bite of apple.
“Wt happened “-adarsh goes to sanky n asked concerned
“Its paining”-sanky said pointng towards his mouth.
“Bro!!u really need to visit a DENTIST soon “-said adrsh pointng towads b blood spots preasnt at d area where sanky bited d apple.

“Maa y dnt u tell about d real face of dat devil to didu den she”ll surely agree for marriage”-said swara to sumi standing in hall.
“No swara she already had lost so many relations in her lyf…n if she got to know dat her real chachu is soo greedy ,. den she”ll stop believng in ny relationshps .. .i tried so much to change dat man,bt all goes in vain……. ,,,,,,,,, no..i cnt let my ragoo b shattered..i need to do smthng sooon!!n in dat i need ur help”-said sumi lookng at swara.
” i cn gve even my life for my didu”-said swara emotionally.

Sumi smiled wid tears seeing dere love.

“What consparicies u bth mom n daughter are making against me haan”-said shekher standing behind sumi n swara wid his 2 bodyguards.
“We dont have dat much faltu(waste) time to think about you”-said swra leavng to her college glareing shekher.
“Wt manners have u taught to ur daughter..hmm..see how besharam she is,apne baap se aise baat karrahe hai(she dnt know d way to talk to her father)”-said shekher annoyngly.
Sumi without payng ny heed moves towards her room.

“Stop dere!!!!b ready @ 8 p.m. ,BISHWANATH is throwng a partyas hez son RUDRA is back to india n is joing him in politics.he invited us specially.so i dnt want ny fuss..b ready on tym n tell swara also to b ready”-said shekher coldly
” n ragini”-asked sumi turning towards shekher.
“uff!!how many times i have to tell u dat wt she”ll do going in dese parties ..let her b in home nly…its safe for her”-said shekher loosing his tie.

Sumi pov-
for safety or for greed..!!he nver let her go nywhere…even he wsnt allowng her for studies .he kept her lyk a prisoner,nly for her money.but i n swara protested against his decission..n made him agree for rags studies n job…bt still he kept bodyguard for rags ,not for her safety bt for d reason dat he dont wanna loose his gold layng hen.
ahh!!sometimes i regret ,y jai had written dat clause while naming his property to ragini…if dat wont b dere!!den situation might b different.
Pov ends.

“Please shekher wt she”ll do here alone ..plz let her come wid us…n if u wont let her come den me n swara “ll also not come”-said sumi sternly.
“Ahh u mother daughter r jst impossible…okay tell ragini also to come-“said shekher irritatedly.
Sumi smiles.
“Wow wt a lavish docoration ……i loved it didu”-said swara enterng SINGHANIYAS party headng in dere huge ancient bunglow wearng a peach color gown.
“Hmmm!!!but its reallly boring yaaar”-said rags lookng for some DJ n muzic ,wearing wine red colored short,3/4th sleeved deep neck dress wid as usual minimal makeup n dark bl**dy red colored lipstick!!her hair are curled n opened ..
“Arey!singhaniya saab”-said shekher hugging bishwanath .

“Wah!!pratap saab …m really glad to see u here”-said bishwanath gvng a wide smile
“Shez sumi,my wife..shez swara n dis is ragini)-intrroduced shekher to bishwanath.
“Namaste”-gestured bishwanath.
To which d 3 replied-“Namaste uncle- ..namaste bhaisaab-.hellow dude”
All looks weirdly to d odd one out who replied lill hatke(differently) …n everyone gaze stopped at rags.
“Hellow beta”-replied bishwanath tryng to avoid d situation.

To change d topic shekher said.
“Aur bhai!!apna chief guest kaha hai(n wherez our chief guest)”-aksed shekher.
“Aah!!dere he is….RUDRA come here my boy”-said bishwanath calling a handsome guy towards him.

A hot handsome.tall young guy comes dere .nyone cn fall on his brown intense orbs.his muscular biceps n chest are proof of his strenghth..

“Rudra…hez my frnd shekher n dis is his family &shekher hez my one n only son RUDRA SINGHANIA,he completed his studies in australia n now returned back to join me”-said bishwanath proudly .
“Namaste uncle -namaste aunty”-said rudra bending to take blessng from sumi shekher.
Dey blessed him n shekher praised dat-“after being in foreign contry also,he doesnt forgot his values” -n looks towards ragini.
“Hi “-said rudra shakng hands with swara n den looks at rags n gets lost in her angelic face.
“Hi m Dr.ragini”-said rags bringing back rudra to reality.
He passses a killer smile.n shaked hand wid her sensuosly.!!
Rags felt a bit uncomfortable n take off her hands.

Dey proceed further..
All d tym throughout d party ,rags felt someones gaze on her..she feels discomfort n turned other side bt collided wid a waiter n d juice splitted on her dress.
Swara said she”ll accompany her till washroom,bt rags said dat she”ll manage n proceed towards washroom.
So about wt clause sumi ws talkng about??

Sorry for borng update,bt dis one is needed…

Suggest me some actor for RUDRA charecter..!!(remember hes negative.)
So guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it…now shower ur views in d comment box ? ? ? …

Lots of love
Keeep rockng n stay blessed
Yours fairy;)

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