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are you my love? |ishveer| kaira| vikor| part 11!

hello everyone sorry for the late update.. but i will try to post often now.. please comment down some suggestion for the story..
and i’m sorry that i can’t reply to all your comments. but thankyou for commenting. but from now.
i’ll try to reply to you guys ?

the episode starts with ranveer entering his office. he sees karthik

ranveer: karthik.. you told me about a new girl?
karthik: yes sir. she is ready to show her files.
ranveer: hmm, good.

karthik and ranveer enters naira’s work place. naira sees them and stands up.

naira: sir.
ranveer: no..no.. sit down please. what is your name?
naira: my name is naira sir.
ranveer: naira? okay naira can you show me your files please?
naira: yes sir.

naira gives ranveer the files. ranveer looks at it.

ranveer: well done. it’s all nice and neat.

naira smiles.

naira: thank you sir.

karthik smiles.

the scene shift to karthik’s house.

swadheenta: adarsh.. maybe you shouldn’t have been so rough on..
adarsh: i know what you are saying swadheenta, but she must learn to respect ur dignity.

swadheenta sighs. adarsh gets a call.

adarsh: hello?
aisha: it’s me papa.
adarsh: oh aisha? how are you beta?
aisha: fine papa. you?
adarsh: i’m fine beta. and congratulations of getting good marks.

aisha smiles.

aisha: thank you papa.. but i need to talk about something.
adarsh: go on..
aisha: it’s actually about avni.. i mean she talked to me.

adarsh sighs.

adarsh: so what about her?
aisha: she really respects you papa.. she doesn’t want to hurt you.. but..
adarsh: aisha you don’t understand.
aisha: i do papa! i understand her better than anyone. just let her dreams come true..
adarsh: but..
aisha: papa.. she is really talented. just let her use it properly. not everyone is alike..
adarsh: i’ll.. try..talk..ing to her.

aisha smiles.

aisha: anyway papa.. i’m thinking of coming to india.
adarsh: what?
aisha: yes. it’s very lonely here.. i miss you guys alot papa..
adarsh: but aisha.. you have a job there..
aisha: i can easily find a job in india too..
adarsh: i don’t know aish.. you know better..
aisha: thanks papa..

they ends the call.

the scene shift to ishaani’s house.

chakor: vivaan.. please.. listen let her..
vivaan: no chakor.. she is my sister and i have a right on her..
chakor: but they love each other.
vivaan: chakor.. she married once.. now..
chakor: she needs a chance vivaan.. just think about mishti.. she has no father..
vivaan: but.. you
chakor: no vivaan, it is the best option. even mishti likes him..it is best to get them married.

vivaan get shocked.

in the ‘rv’ company..

ranveer: karthik you’ve got a good asisstant.

karthik smiles.

ranveer: i will taking some days off.. as i have some personal problems.. make sure to look after the office.
karthik: okay sir.. sure

precap: gayu and karan comes.
adarsh talks to avni
mishti calls ranveer

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