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Samragni-the empress (episode 10) – Telly Updates

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Epi 10:

Ragini keeps looking at Laksh happily. Adarsh just comes.

Adarsh: it’s just an elephant..what’s special in that? We have many in our palace…

Laksh puts his head down.

Ragini: chote papa, it’s not important what the gift is… but, with how much love they gave.!

Laksh again raises his head in happiness and looks Ragini admiringly.

Adarsh: hmm…if you say, that’s always accepted my princess….
He smiles and leaves…

Ragini: prince laksh, I liked your gift so much. Thank you so much. What name shall we put to it??

Laksh: Samragni, if you accept let’s keep it’s name as Lakshini….

Sanskar who was there looks shocked at Laksh…

Ragini: Lakshini…such a nice name. this elephant is Lakshini from today…

Laksh smiles and takes leave. Sanskar follows him.

Sanskar: prince Laksh, what a clever you are..! indirectly you have proposed empress…

Laksh: hey, when did I do..?

Sanskar: do you think I didn’t observe? Lakshini… you have mixed your both names.

Laksh smiles: you are super Sanskar..! you should be next maha mantri…..
Both laughs..

Dp listens their convo. He is about to go near Ragini, Adarsh comes in way.

Adarsh: maha mantri, I have found groom for Ragini. It’s prince Laksh. What’s your opinion?

Dp: adarsh ji, this question better to be asked to Samragni. It’s not me or you to decide, it’s her life…

Dp keeps going. Adarsh looks confused.

Ragini is playing with elephant.

Dp: Samragni, when do you want senapati to send armed forces on king Nikil..?

Then Ragini comes to world.
Ragini: oh..i forgot about it. mamasri, was my decision wrong?

Dp: Ragini devi, you are not a kid. You should know what are you doing.

Ragini with confident tone: I know very well I’m not wrong. I’m with my decision.

Swara just comes: but Ragini, I’m not ready to be the queen to that kingdom.

Dp and Ragini looks at her.

Swara: how did you even think I can take that responsibility??

Ragini: why swara? You are a mathematician, even a warrior. There are qualities in you to be a king.

Swara: Ragini, you all are by blood kings. But I’m..

Ragini: No swara, it’s not blood which makes you king. It’s your own self..! Moreover, this society is occupied with male domination. Women are just treated as house bugs and birth machines. In such a situation it is important to prove this world what we can do..! The woman era now starts…

Dp: yes Swara beta. Whatever Ragini does, it has a purpose. We know her from childhood. And you are friends from years. If you have trust on your friend, accept this..!

Swara nods her head.

Laksh and Sanskar are sitting in a garden.

Sanskar: why do you love Samragni that much?

Laksh: don’t ask me that. It happened first time I saw her.

Sanskar: do you think this love can happen? I don’t think that will happen to me…

Laksh stands: don’t think like that Sanskar. You will also be trapped one day..!!
Laksh laughs and leaves. Sanskar keeps thinking. Just then Swara comes. Her face is sad.

Sanskar keeps looking at her.
Sanskar: what happened to you?

Swara: we are friends from childhood right. That’s why, I came to say my sorrow.

Sanskar: what’s that??
Swara: I don’t want to be the queen. I’m scared…!
Swara keeps crying. Sanskar feels sad while she is crying.
Sanskar: no swara..don’t cry.
He says and hugs her gently. He feels loved when he hugged her. he remembers laksh’s words. Swara keeps looking at him. Later she goes away.

Sanskar: oh my..that prince spoiled me too.
He smiles.

Ragini looks at sad Swara and comes near Sanskar.

Ragini: when are you going to occupy that Nikil’s kingdom.

Sanskar: whenever you order…

Ragini: ok, go right now.

Sanskar: right now..! I’m in dreams.

Ragini: dreams??

Sanskar: hehehe..nothing. I will go.

Ragini: Sanskar..what I will go? Where is your mind? You didn’t tell about plan, number of soldiers you are going to take. What’s wrong with you? You are going on a war, not for dance. It’s matter of lives. Be serious.

Sanskar: don’t worry empress. I will discuss with senani everything.
Sanskar goes away. Ragini looks at him doubt.

Later Ragini and Dp meet. Ragini writes a warning letter to Nikil to accept his mistakes and promise the throne that he will obey his duties.

Ragini looks at the dove taking that letter.
Rag: he is finished if he doesn’t take that warning.

Dp: it’s better if we keep army ready.

Adarsh: you are encouraging her for war…!

Ragini: sometimes war is preferred to peace.

Later Ragini listens to elephant’s noise. She goes near it.
Ragini smiles and feeds it food. Dp and Adarsh keeps looking at her.

Ragini: what Lakshini..are you hungry? Eat…
Elephant is eating.

Then she thinks.. “Lakshini, what’s the meaning of it?” she keeps thinking. Then she gets enlightened.

“Laksh and ini from Ragini. That is Lakshini…. Awwww…prince laksh..!!” Ragini tights her hand in anger.

Precap: Ragini’s depression…

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