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MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 4)

MMZ – My Second Love (Episode 4)

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Recap: Arjun decided to go with Radhika to her village. Ardhika decided to act as husband & wife for 3 months.

After a day travel, Ardhika and Ankush reaches their village. The pleasant, cool and greeneries are very much loved by Arjun…he looks so fresh and happy getting the proper village atmosphere and enjoys being there. Since Ankush already informed that they are arriving, a car is waiting for them at the entrance and picks them up. Ardhika seated at the back seat and Ankush at the front engages in call informing his family to make everything ready when they comes.

Ardhika looks each other worriedly, and tension is building up in their mind thinking about the act they gonna do. After 30 minutes of their journey, they reached their home, from the entrance the servants and village people welcomes them heartily. It’s their wish to see their princess after so long time and all looks so happy seeing Radhika with Arjun. At the very first sight, the villagers like Arjun but none comes forward to wish them coz of the fear.

Ankush takes them to doorstep and Radhika finds her whole family waiting for her outside with mixed emotions. She immediately runs to her mother Mala and hugs her tightly. Mala too hugs her and happy tears oozing from her eyes after seeing her daughter. She then hugs her sister Ridhimma and her kid Aaradhana (Aaru in short).

Then she goes to her bhabhi Anjali Ankush’s wife and greets her since it is the first time she is seeing her. Then she looks at her favourite dadaji stands far from the line, turning his face on other side. Radhika walks to him and calls him, “dadu”..he did not turn to her and turns to other side more. She again moves to his side and holds her ears saying, “I am really sorry dadu…pls forgive me na”…now he completely turn and shows his back…rads keeps pout face and immediately hugs him from back saying, “Dadu…pls talk to me. I can’t tolerate your silence”. The very next moment dadaji turns and hugs her cryingly saying, “You even forgot me na…u dint even bother whether am alive or not”. Rads shuts his mouth by her hand saying, “I always think about you but i don’t have courage to come here. I am really sorry”

Dadaji then kisses her on her forehead and says, “Go…now go and pacify ur dad. He is the most of all who suffered a lot and worried without you..but he is very angry”

Rads then turns to Dilip who looks angry and stands stiff by holding his hands at the back and looks at the other way. She slowly goes to him and holds her earssaying, “I am sorry for leaving you Papa….pls forgive me.” that’s it and before she completes her sentence, she is in the embrace of Dilip who cries badly hugging his daughter. Everyone include the people admires the Father-daughter bond and all gets happy tears, including Arjun. Arjun face has a satisfied smile seeing everyone pampering Radhika. Dilip wipes her tears saying, “How can you think to leave me all this year? I was angry on you but more than that i was missing you badly. And this idiot Ankush, now only his brain worked to search and get you here…he should have done this long back..stupid fellow”

Ankush jerks hearing the scolding saying, “Papa…what’s this? you only told na..no one should try to contact Radhika…you warned us actually and threatened that you will die if we are not following ur order”

Dilip side hugs radhika saying, “I will say like that only…will u believe my every words true? Don’t you have brain to think on ur own. Stupid.” he looks at Radhika and says, Come…will go inside” he is taking her..and rads also steps in but stops suddenly and looks at Dilip. Dilip also looks at her and asks, “What happened Choti?”

Radhika then turn towards Arjun who stands near the car still by looking at everyone. Dilip understands and his facial expressions gets changed looking at Arjun who is smiling at him. Everyone looks at him and except Dilip other gets impressed seeing him, especially dadaji. He walks faster to him and before he comes to him..Arjun goes to him and holds his hand..bends down to take his blessings.

Dadaji is so much impressed of him and hugs him saying, “I am very happy for you … mmmm” he thinks about his name and Arjun smiles saying, “Arjun”. Dadaji exclaims, “Ha Ha …Arjun. Come will go inside and introduce you to everyone” he takes him inside and starts introducing him to everyone one by one. When it comes to Mala, Arjun gets blessings from her and says, “Now i got to know how come Radhika is so beautiful. All came from here..right Aunty?”

Mala’s face becomes pinkish and she blushes badly and hides her face by her hands. All laughs seeing her except Dilip and he goes to him to get blessing but Dilip ignores him and goes inside. Radhika looks him worried and Arjun just nods her through his eyes and signs her to smile. Radhika also smiles and her whole family adores their bond and gets happy that Radhika chose a perfect husband for her.

Dadaji then takes them inside and tells Ridhimma to show the room for them and Mala to prepare good lunch for them. Each and Every one works like a express train. Radhika is overwhelmed seeing the love she is getting in her home. Arjun also looks happy seeing a big family and it is very new environment for him…he looks more happy than Radhika. Ridhimma arranged the room well and tells them to rest for sometime.

Ardhika looks each other awkwardly and gives a sheepish to each and looks otherside. Radhika tells Arjun to take bath first and meanwhile she goes out to see her mom.

Arjun finishes bathing and comes out wearing only towel…but he gets happy of not seeing Radhika around there and happily removes the towel and dancing infront of the mirror. Meanwhile the room door gets open and radhika comes inside..gets shocked and speechless seeing Arjun and screams turning to other side saying, “I am sorry..sorry..sorry..”

Arjun gets panicked and hides himself first and searching for towel which he thrown away and finally finds it. But to her shock he creates a scene saying, “Oh god…what will i do now? A girl saw me without any dress? What will happen to my dignity..i lost my purity..i lost my purity” he continues chanting this till radhika turns and calms him down saying, “Shut up Arjun…i dint see anything. Don’t create a scene. And moreover u r a Male and no need to worry about ur dignity”

Arjun jerks hearing her, “Who said Man doesn’t care about his dignity? I am very much care about it. Even we do care about our dignity the much you ladies care. ok?”

Rads listening him open mouth and just nods her head right to left and goes to bathroom silently. Arjun makes faces seeing her going and says, “Sammy dear…i am really sorry for this mistake. It happened mistakenly. you don’t worry..i will not lose my dignity till i come to you”. Inside the bathroom, radhika laughs badly listening his statement outside.

Ardhika gets ready and comes down to meet everyone after refreshing, Dadaji welcomes them to the dining hall and makes Arjun sit near to him. Radhika sits beside Dilip and other sitting at the rest of the places. Maids serve the food to them and there is a dead silence in the dining table where Dilip sits quiet and eating silently.

Others looking each one by one and signs each on something through their eyes. Finally it comes to Dadaji and he knows what to do. Slowly he adjusts his throat and calls Dilip, “Dilip, why can’t we arrange a big function to celebrate our choti’s and damad’s arrival”

Dilip smiles saying, “Why not? We can have a grand function to celebrate my daughter’s arrival after two years”

Everyone’s face becomes pale hearing him not addressing Arjun at all and it is even noticed by Arjun..but he silently eats his food and lifts his eyes to look at Radhika. She pleads him sorry through her eyes and he just reciprocate by closing his eyes to calm her down.

Dadaji, “What i meant to say is, We should inform the village and our relatives about Arjun also. He is new to our family right”

Dilip finishes his food and wash his hands saying, “I agreed already right..do whatever you want. But i am very happy to celebrate it for my daughter” by saying this he leaves from there leaving everyone open mouth. All their gaze now turns to dadaji who inturn looks others and shrugs his shoulders.

Radhika looks at Arjun who smiles and talking to everyone nicely and thinks, “Am i doing wrong in bringing Arjun? Papa is not even considering him and how long he can bare this insult” she feels bad thinking about Arjun.

Mala to cover up, serves him the sweets and desserts to Arjun and makes his stomach full. Arjun tries to stop them but he couldn’t. Radhika smiles seeing him getting pampered now by everyone. She enjoys seeing him getting attention from her family.

Later, Dadaji goes to Dilip’s room and is followed by Mala, Ankush, Ridhimma, Anjali standing outside the room hearing their talks.

Dadaji, “How long you will be angry on Arjun?”

Dilip, “My whole life”

Dadaji, “Past is Past. why can’t u forget and forgive him?”

Dilip, “How can i? he is the one who seperates me from my daughter for the whole 2 years. I cannot even think to forgive him. Now also i have allowed him inside is just because Radhika should not get worried. And that’s all i can do…don’t expect anything from me other than this”. by saying this he comes out and everyone scattered seeing him coming and hides from his sight.

Dadaji with his head bow down coming out from the room, others surrounds him shooting so many questions and he smirks saying, “He is talking as Radhika’s papa…but he forgets that i am his Papa”. Ankush, “Dadaji..seems like you are planning something evily?”

Dadaji turns his ears saying, “Your dad is Evil…i will make him angel soon” all laughed and gives hi-fi to each other.

@ ARdhika room,

Rads, “I am sorry Arjun”

Arjun reading a book and looks at her, “Why?”

Rads, “Papa did not even talk to you”

Arjun, “It’s ok Radhika. Its expected behaviour only right. And you know what? His behaviour is very important for our drama”

Rads, “How?”

Arjun, “Areh…if we continues his anger on me..then i can also start shouting at you right. Then he will be more angry on me and shout me..probably he might beat me also. So i will say that as a reason and fight with you. We can get seperated so easily? What? good idea right?”

Rads too smiles, “Haan..i did not think this. yeah good idea”

Arjun, “Great. Then let your papa be like this and soon we wil start our drama to make your Mr. Angry bird more angry”

Rads, “Don’t call my Papa like that” with fake angry look.

Arjun thinks to tease her more saying, “Why not? Mr. Dilip Misra’s name is renamed to Mr. Angry Bird”

Rads, “Don’t Arjun”

Arjun pokes his tongue out saying, “Mr. Angry Bird”

Rads unknowingly throws the pillow on him angrily and he catches it at nick and looks on shocked, he again throws it back on her face straight and it hits her face correctly. She again throws another and he too throws on her. They both indulge themselves in having a pillow fight and the room is scattered with the cottons everywhere and it is watching by her whole family on their door step. Dadaji & Mala just admires them and smiles saying, “How cute they are together right?”

Mala too smiles and takes drishti, “Right Papa ji. I am so happy for my Radhika now. She got a lovely husband who loves her so much”

Dadaji, “Our Radhika is always lucky and she will get the best in her life and Arjun completes her life”

All smiles seeing them fighting like a kid and soon Ardhika also stops fighting and laughs seeing each covered with sponges and gets shocked seeing the family also. They both hides their faces inside the sponge again to hide their embarrassment. Everyone has a good time with them and laughs heartily talking to Arjun.

Dadaji adores Arjun a lot and decides to change Dilip’s mind at any cost to accept Arjun as his damad unaware of Ardhika’s plan.

Precap: Ardhika Village outing. Local guys tease radhika and Arjun fights with them.

That’s it for today guys. And i want to dedicate this chapter to Myra..my dear Sweeto. Love you so much Sweeto and here is ur ff..and i will update this weekly once atleast for sure. If i get time i will update as much as i can. Thanks for encouraging and supporting me a lot.

Hope you all liked it …it’s adapted from a tamil movie but i have taken the concept and narrating the story in my way. Few i will keep scenes from movie and majority it will be in my own style. Pls give ur comments and views.

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