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MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 1)

Hi all, thank u so much for each and one who gave me a great support for this new story. Let’s get into the first chapter.

MMZ – Mr & Mrs. MEHRA (Episode 1)

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A girl is sitting on the shore and stares the sea waves aimlessly, though her face doesn’t show any reaction…her mind is thinking about the incident which happened today morning…she looks so worried and speaks to herself, “Why it is happening only to me? I left everything and came right..then why i have to be caught again..why should i be the prey? Think well Radhika…you cannot lose it again”. She closes her eyes and tears roll on her cheeks expressing her pain.

A day before,

Radhika gets ready for her office and comes down from her room and finds her mom Prerna Malhotra worried looking at Neil Malhotra, her brother. She runs down to her mom and asks, “What happened Maa? You look so worried?” she moves her gaze to Neil and signs him on what.

Neil just nods his head as yes and he too looks worried seeing Prerna. Rads now understand what’s the problem, she turns to Prerna says, “Maa”

Prerna, “Don’t say anything. i know, u also aware of this”

Rads blinks at Neil and he signs her to do something. She turns to Prerna and immediately hugs her saying, “Maa, bhai loves that girl so much. She is his life and even she loves him a lot. Yea i know her long before and she is very good for our family. PLs accept his love Maa.” she moves her away from her and cups her face saying, “I know you can’t see him worried and for his happiness you have to agree for this.”

Prerna glares both of them saying, “Emotional blackmail”

Rads, “May be” and keeps pout face looking at her. Prerna smiles seeing her and Neil let out a sigh relief and hugs his ladies tightly.

Prerna, “Enough Enough…let me first talk to her parents…its not enough to convince me…even they have to accept it right.”

Neil, “Sam told she will talk to them”

Prerna, “Oh…her name is Sam is it?”

Neil gives a sheepish smile saying, “Samaira”

Prerna smiles and hugs him saying, “Give their address, i will go and talk to them”

Rads and Neil gives hi-fi to each and Neil shares Sam’s home address to her and leaves to office with Radhika.

@ Evening,

RaNeil comes home and looks for their mom who is busy in kitchen. Both barges in there and shoots their questions continuously about her meeting with Sam’s parents.

Prerna continues cooking without answering the, finally Rads turn off the gas and drags her to hall and makes her sit forcefully to answer her questions. She couldn’t see her brother Neil sad and forces Prerna to tell them.

Prerna, “OKay..okay. I will tell. What u want to know?”

Rads, “You went to meet them right? What happened there? Is Sam’s parents agreed for it or not?”

Prerna, “You are more interested than your brother”

Rads, “So what? He s my brother and i am very much keen in getting his love for him”

Prerna smiles at her and says, “I met them…her parents..they are so nice people. Actually even they also happy for this proposal…but”

RaNeil face becomes bright when she is saying but it fades away when she stops and looks them worriedly.

Rads, “What happened?”

Prerna, “But looks like Sam’s brother is not interested in this marriage it seems”

Radhika is shocked hearing it and says, “Maa…Sam has no brother”

Neil, “She has…but he is in abroad”

Rads looks at him shockingly, “What? You did not tell me this earlier”

Neil, “Well…he went long back and its been years he came down to india…and i don’t feel it is important to know him. But how come suddenly he interefered”

Prerna, “He came to India two days back and now it looks like his decision is more important for them since he joins with his family after so long years”

Rads gets irritated, “Now what’s this new problem?”

Neil, “Ok let me talk to him once. Hope he can understand”

Rads, “What if, he insults you?”

Prerna, “Neil…there is a chance for this. Because after listening about him from their parents, even i felt that he might insult you if you go and talk to him”

Rads, “How dare he can insult? If he is arrogant means…we should not get scared of him Maa”

Prerna, “Radhika, this is your Neil’s life…so push out your angry away and just think calmly how to sort this out”

Rads, “What Sam said?”

The very next moment Neil gets a call from Sam and he attends it.

Neil, “Yeah Sam”

Sam, “Neil…Maa told everything right?”

Neil, “Hmmm…but y u didn’t tell me that your brother came two days before itself”

Sam, “Even i don’t know Neil…he is in India from past two days but he came home last night only and i couldn’t find time to tell u about this”

Neil, “Now what to do?”

Sam, “Neil…Mom & Dad are like …after seeing their son they are so much happy and want to do my marriage with his full consent. But he is little adamant of not agreeing for this marriage”

Neil, “Ok but what’s the reason of not accepting it”

Sam, “He hates the word LOVE and that’s the main theme here for his refusal”

Neil, “Wat the hell Sammy?”

Sam, “Neil..pls do something na. We have to make him accept at any cost”

Neil, “Sam..i ll discuss with maa and radhika then let u know. ok…don’t worry”

Sam, “Ok..bye. Love you”

Neil, “Love u too…” he stops and looks at Prerna and Rads glaring him..and continues, “Bye”

Rads immediately jump on him asking, “What she said?”

Neil told her everything what Sam said and Rads confused saying, “Why he hates Love so much that he is refusing for his sister’s happiness”

Neil, “God only knows”

Prerna, “fine…let me talk to him once”

Rads immediately, “No Maa…what if he treats you badly? Seems like he is ruthless person who spoils his own sister’s love for his wish”

Prerna, “Then what do we do? U r not allowing Neil and Me..then who will go and talk to him”

After a long silence, “I will go and talk to him Maa”

Prerna and Neil stares her and Prerna says, “Same question to you also? Or do u think he will treat you nicely?”

Rads goes to Neil and hugs him saying, “I will bear anything for my brother. It doesn’t matter for me. My only target is to make him accept this marriage and i am sure i will succeed in it”

Neil too hugs her saying, “I am so lucky to have you as my little sister” he kisses on her forehead. Prerna adores their sibling bonding and hopes for the good.

Later Radhika speak to Sam and gets her brother’s office Address to meet him directly.

Next day, She gets ready and goes to Mehra Premises to meet Sam’s brother. She meets the receptionist and tells her, “Excuse me, i need to meet Mr.Mehra and discuss something very important.”

Receptionist, “Sorry Madam…without appointment i cannot allow you”

Rads rolls her eyes, “Listen…its very important..well u can just inform him once right about me…probably he might allow me inside”

Receptionist, “I am very well sure he won’t allow you mam…becoz our boss is so strict in meeting the people…without appointme…” before she finishes the statement, she gets a call and responds, “Yes Sir”

Her reaction gets changed listening her boss and in low voice, “but sir..she has no appointment”

Her face becomes pale and responds, “ok sir”. She cuts the call and tells her, “Mam…Sir wants you to meet him”

Rads face becomes bright and says, “Thank you so much” she walks towards his room without knowing the impact.

She comes infront of the room & looks the Nameboard “Mr. MEHRA”. She reads the name and rolls her eyes seeing it. She knocks the door, no response and again she knocks
it…still there is no response. She pushes the door and peeps inside the room.

The room looks pleasingly rich and very neat. She looks around it and finds a wooden table at the center and behind there is a leather seat upper class throne head chair showing its back to her. She looks around the room and slowly walks further and stands infront of the table. She bites her lower lip to control her tension and gathers courage, “Hi Mr. Mehra, I am Radhika..Neil’s sister”

She did not get any response from him and she curses him in her mind and continues her talk, “I know you are angry and did not like this proposal. But you know what…Neil & Sam are in love for the past two years and they are so serious in it. I heard that even your parents are happy with it but you are not. I don’t know why u refused it…all i want to say is My brother is a great human and a very sensible and responsible person. Sam is his life and i want him to get all the happiness in life. I promise you that Neil will keep her happy more than what she had in your home”

She waits for him to response but again there is no response..she gets irritated and makes faces looking at the back of the chair but somehow controls her anger saying, “What i can assume if you keep quiet like this? Okay..atleast pls tell me what i need to do to get ur acceptance for this marriage? I wil do anything and will go to any extent for my brother’s happiness”

To her shock, he replies, “Marry me”

Rads legs rooted there in shock and she couldn’t believe what she heard now…she stares the back of the chair without blinking her eyes and soon her trance gets broken and she says in cold tone, “What nonsense are you saying?”

This time, her all strength gets broken seeing the person behind the chair when he turns and says, “MARRY ME…I WILL ACCEPT FOR THIS MARRIAGE”.

She is in lack of air now..feels so much suffocating and her view just stuck on the person who stands infront of her with a cool smile on his face. She whispers, “Arjun”.

She is still in shock and he breaks it saying, “Good…i am so happy that you still remember my name” by saying this he gets up from his chair and walks to her and stands beside her. She is still looking at the way he was sitting.

He leans so close to her and whispers, “I MISSED YOU SO BADLY RADHIKA”

Radhika gets jerked off and is in the effort of moving back, she gets hit in the chair beside her and is about to fall down, but he catches her through her waist and pulls her to him.

She gets pushes to him so easily and hits his chest…her breathe is getting higher and higher having him so close to her. She did not lift her face to look at him and tries to move back from the position..but she couldn’t. Slowly she raises her eyes to look at him and witness his winning smile looking at her tensed face.

She groaned in her low voice, “LEAVE ME”

Arjun, “Once i did…but not now”

Rads just trying to get release from his grip and he continues saying, “I am not here to leave you Radhika”

He feels her restlessness and loosens his grip on her…immediately she moves away from his clutch and runs towards the door. But she couldn’t find a way to open it and pulling the handle on the door impatiently.

Arjun, “You cannot go out untill i allow you to go. This room’s control is in my hands now. It’s a remote door radhika…no use of pulling it”

She did not turn to look at him and prays all the god names she remembered to let her run away from this ghost.

Suddenly she feels her heart beat..beats faster and her inhale & exhale are also not proper. She knows that he is standing just behind her so close and hears his whisper near her ear lobe, “I AM BACK IN YOUR LIFE & WON’T LET U GO EASILY THIS TIME”

She closes her eyes tightly without even moving and opens her eyes when she hears the door clutch noise. She hears him saying, “Think well and tell me ur decision. You have two days time to tell ur decision. Now the ball is in your court.”

That’s it..the next moment…radhika is walking…no running on the corridor to go out. The receptionist who allows her…looks at her shockingly the way she runs.

FB ends….


Radhika opens her eyes remembering the incident happened today …. she murmurs, “What i should do now? And what i am gonna tell to Neil?”

Before she thinks more, she gets a call from Neil asking her whereabouts and she replies, “I am coming now” and she cuts the call & looks at the sea again with lot of confusion in her face.

She goes to her home and says, “Will get to know in two days” and immediately she runs to her room and locks it. She falls on her bed clutching the pillow tightly and buries her face in it saying, “I just hate you Arjun…for everything”

Precap: Thinking….

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