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Abhigya- My hero (teaser) – Telly Updates

Hi guys this is Monesha. I will always write mixed story and Abhigya romantic os.
In my ff Abhigya and Ishveer vs nature i couldn’t give more emotional scenes and love scenes. So I am writing this ff. But confirm in that ff too i will give love scenes.
Ok guys now coming to our story teaser,

One girl was shown. She weard her lens and took her books and kept in her bag. She turned. Her face was revealed it our sweet and cute pragya.

At the same time one boy was shown. He took his guitar and placed kiss on his guitar. He took the bag and turned. His face was revealed. It is our handsome Abhi.

Pragya’s pov, (while walking)
I am living in dark but I don’t care about that. Though my parents went far away from me i will come up in my life. I agreed that i am naughty and soft in nature but I want to prove tanu and aunty that i can come from the dark and shine like sun shine. But for that who will help me in that? Will my hero help for that? Who will be my hero? And i will select my hero from my heart and he is the only one to get my love. I am waiting to find about my hero.

Abhi’s pov, (while walking)
All the one says me that I am arrogant may be coz of my money but I won’t care about that. Bcoz money is everything to me. I can’t live without my money. I never like girls as all the one will think one thing and talk one thing. Though girls come behind me i will never see them. I will only talk as friendly or teasingly. Now my only aim is to become rockstar in my life. This is the only thing which i took from my heart without my money mind. This will be the first and last decision which taking from my heart.

Screen divided into two, one is abhi (walking) and pragya (walking)

Voice over: will this pair realise their love. Will pragya find out her hero? Will abhi realise his heart is going to be ruled by his princess?

Ok guys this is my simple teaser. I don’t know you all will like this teaser or not but I hope you all will like my episodes.

I will try my best to make you all feel this ff. Love you all ???

Take care,

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