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The Captives – Five Shots ~ Ria (Chapter 2)

The Captives – Five Shots
Chapter 2

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A month after Yuvraj was thrown out of the Sarna mansion, Twinkle had been meeting him regularly. Initially she had suspected him to be Kunj’s murderer as well but, during her pregnancy period her thoughts on him had taken a drastic change. She had been observing his increasing care and love towards Mahi the entire time. He was also guilty of his deeds which he had done previously and had requested Mahi for another chance. Initially Mahi denied but, later seeing his several attempts she did give him another chance. Yuvraj did his level best to impress her and get her back in her life. Everything was going on pretty well only if Mahi could’ve been saved they could’ve led a happy and peaceful life.

Twinkle considered Yuvraj to be the only one who could keep Mahi happy but, yet when he was thrown out of the house she could do nothing but, keep her opinions to herself. She did understand the pain that the Tanejas and Sarnas had been going through and she thought that letting them know about Yuvraj was rather a bad idea at that time.

Except for meeting Twinkle on a regular basis, Yuvraj was also meeting his mother, Anita Luthra. He knew everything about her including her whereabouts and all her plans of deceiving the Tanejas and Luthras. He had convinced his mother upon the fact that he wanted to seek revenge from the Tanejas and Sarnas for insulting and humiliating him in front of everyone by throwing him out of the house. He also convinced her saying that he would complete the revenge from her side as well and make Twinkle his at any cost.

Twinkle and Yuvraj had been extremely happy over the fact that their collective plans were working out and they were able to find out each single detail about Anita Luthra. Yuvraj knew all secrets about his mother except one. His mother had told him that she had something to disclose yet which she’d disclose on a particular date. Yuvraj couldn’t understand what was so special about the date that his mom had to specifically disclose it to him on that day.

Yuvraj conveyed about this conversation to Twinkle and shared his confusions with her. Twinkle who had been listening to everything very keenly seemed depressed on learning the date. Consequently, a tear drop escaped from her eyes which made Yuvraj to worry about her. Yuvraj asked her whether it was because of him that she was crying but, she nodded her saying no. Yuvraj being an overprotective friend convinced her and later, asked her the reason behind. Twinkle started crying all over again and meekly replied that it was Kunj’s birthday that day. She told that it had been two years now and Kunj had still not returned to her. She doubted her love and asked Yuvraj whether her love for him was so weak that he didn’t think of meeting her in the past two years. Yuvraj calmed her down and told her to think about her and Kunj’s daughter who wasn’t even a year old yet. Twinkle calmed down thinking about Kaira and told that she won’t let her hopes down. Yuvraj smiled at her reply and the two of them discussed their further moves.

Finally, the day for which Twinkle and Yuvraj had been waiting for months had come. The day when Anita Luthra would be disclosing her top most secret and probably, it would lead them to the evidences that she was the one who was involved in Kunj’s so-called murder. Yuvraj had expressed his happiness for the day to Twinkle. He believed his mother to be involved in Mahi’s murder too and had promised Twinkle to justify Kunj and Mahi who were the two most important people of her life. Twinkle had just passed him a genuine smile while he also told her that he would be able to return to Sarna mansion with complete respect and dignity the next day. Twinkle asked him to leave as she didn’t want Anita Luthra to get a faint clue of both of them working together. Yuvraj agreed to her and quickly left for the place his mother had asked him to arrive at.

He met Anita at the specified place but, to his misfortune she told that she would not be able to disclose her secrets that day. Yuvraj sighed over the confession and convinced his mother to let him go alone. At the beginning, she refused but, on continually requesting she let him go alone on the condition that he won’t disclose her secrets to anyone. Yuvraj asked his mother whether she didn’t believe him that she’s giving him a condition like this. Anita denied and told it was just for her security. Yuvraj agreed and no sooner did Anita Luthra leave the place he called Twinkle to meet him at the address provided by Anita Luthra where her deepest secret would be disclosed. Twinkle disagreed at the beginning thinking it to be Anita Luthra’s plan but, Yuvraj convinced her telling it was merely a coincidence which led them to a golden opportunity. Twinkle being satisfied by Yuvraj’s explanations agreed and arrived at the place he had being particular about.

Twinkle enquired Yuvraj about Anita Luthra and was quite suspicious knowing about her disappearance. She told Yuvraj about the same but, he joked on her and told her not to use her detective skills. Twinkle ignored him and asked him to open the shutter quickly so that they could get the evidences quickly. Yuvraj quickly opened the shutter and both of them went inside the pitch dark godown. Twinkle tightly held her dupatta and asked Yuvraj to switch on the torch immediately. He quickly switched on the torch from his phone and both of them searched for the light switches. Yuvraj shone the torch everywhere and Twinkle switched on the lights after she found them. Both of them quickly had a look over the godown and found it quite empty unless Twinkle tripped over something. She let out a gasp and quickly looked down at the floor to have a look. Yuvraj ran over to her and “Kunj” was all she mumbled.

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