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Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 1 & 2)

Socha na tha…Never thought..Part1 and 2
I have never seen Sanskar Ragini scenes as I am not a viewer of Swararagini.But my dearest friend Piyali wants me to write on RagSan.Though I don’t know RagSan properly I like Varun n Tejaswi.I read a few of RagSan stories and liked this pair too through those ffs.So for my friend Piyali I am presenting this SS.
This is based on the malayalam movie Prem poojari.I wrote this SS years back for fun.But I ignored it as it was the exact copy of the movie except a few scenes and dialogues.But for Piyali I am presenting it.

PART-1….Sanskar is a middle class guy who is crazy about music.his gr8est ambition is 2 become a gud playback singer.his friends r karthik & Swara.Swara is the daughter of a famous music director Inderji.Sanskar’s aim is 2 get a chance from him 2 sing 4 a movie.Swara has given him hopes.he stays in the outhouse of a rich family.a smart old lady called Arundathi stays there with her grandchildren Ragini{19yrs old} & shamit{11yrs old}.her son Om and wife Naina r in america.
One day in the morning,
Sanskar hears a sweet female voice :dadi,i’m going 2 college.
Sanskar was eager 2 see her.he looks though the window.he sees a girl going out on a bike.he cud see only her back.short top-jeans…silky hair.He was disappointed as he could’nt see her face.
after a few days,Shamit comes 2 see Sanskar with a request:can u do one favour?
Sanskar:yes sure.
shamit:she told to take the book that’s kept on the top of the cupboard.
Sanskar:who is this ‘she’?
shamit:my luvly sister Ragini.
Sanskar smiles.he remembers seeing her back that day.
.he longs to see her face. he goes there & takes the book from the top of the cupboard.the shy girl{Ragini} extends her arms from the room 2 reach the book.
Sanskar smiles:Come out of room.
she comes out slowly.Sanskar was shocked 2 see her.bcoz she was looking horrible.she was in a pink salwar.she has worn a big black framed spectacle.her teeth were so horrible that it looked as if its going 2 come out of the mouth.Sanskar gives her the book.
Ragini smiles:thanku..
Sanskar goes out immediately.he was feeling awkward remembering her horrible smile.

Ragini & shamit in the room.

Big smile she removes her spectacle & the duplicate teeth she had worn 2 fool Sanskar.
shamit:didi,u wear it always.u look better in it.
Ragini becomes angry:u naughty boy…..
Suddenly they both laugh.
shamit laughs:that poor fellow ran away with his life.he got scared.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini:His face looked so funny seeing me.I can’t stop laughing.
She laughs a lot.

they dance 2 the song…its the time 2 disco…(KHNH)

suddenly hearing dadi’s voice they stop the music & pretend 2 be studying.
dadi comes:gud,u both r studying.everyone knows that you both will study well and have gud culture also if you both stay with me.

Ragini-shamit feel it funny.
Ragini thinks:Poor dadi does’nt know what we both do behind her.
Shamit winks at Ragini.Ragini has a naughty smile on her face.
dadi:ur dad is online..
they become so happy that they rush 2 take the Phone.
shamit talks.Ragini takes the receiver from him:hello daddy,how r u?i’m fine…
Sanskar passes by…automatically he looks at her through the window with a weird feeling.he cud’nt see her face .suddenly Ragini turns back.Sanskar was surprised 2 see Ragini’s real appearance.
Ragini does’nt see him.she continues talking:u hav a surprise 4 me?what’s that?
Om:its a suspense.Wait for some more time.
Ragini:Suspense?How long can I wait daddy? u’l bring it when u cum here next time?
Om:Sure..when I come there next I will bring it there along with me.
Ragini:O!daddy,u r so sweet…..
Sanskar whispers: Smile Ragini…u r also sweet like ur dad.Ragini,u r so beautiful….

Sanskar can’t take his eyes off her.

PART-2… the next day when Ragini goes near her bike,Sanskar was standing b4 her.she gets shy,bcoz her identity is out now.
Sanskar:so.. you were playing a drama…

Ragini:what drama?what did i do?
Sanskar:why did u fool me?
Ragini smirks:u got fooled easily bcoz u r foolish.what can i do 4 that?

Sanskar becomes angry.but he controls it.
he talks sweetly purposefully:why did u hide ur pretty face?
Ragini gets impressed by that statement as it is a compliment for her beauty.
she laughs:bcoz i wanted 2 tease u.
Sanskar smiles:but why?
she takes her bike & goes away with a smile on her face.
Sanskar tells himself:i’m going crazy…is it luv?or simply an attraction?

he sings & dances around thinking about Ragini:

[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai][Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]

Pehli Pehli Baar Milaata Hai Yehi
Seene Mein Phir Aag Lagaata Hai
Dheere Dheere Pyaar Sikhaata Hai Yehi
Hansata Hai Yehi Yehi Rulaata Hai

[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai][Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]-dil-to-pagal hai.

Swara watches it with a smirk on her face.
Swara:Sanskar,who is in ur mind?
Swara:no one else?
he:who else can take music’s place in my heart?
Swara:i can’t believe it seeing u singing & dancing like a mad person.
Sanskar becomes embarrassed.
karthik laughs.
Swara:anyways,2morow,there is a song recording.u come with us.the super singer Rahul is the male singer.and the one and only Swara is the female singer.
Sanskar:u r so lucky Swara…
Swara:One day that luck will cum 2 u Sanskar.

he smiles.
he also goes 2 see the recording.he sees the song recording & enjoys it.
Sanskar imagines himself singing in the place of Rahul.

Swara intoduces him 2 inderji.
Sanskar:plz giv me a chance 2 sing 4 a movie sir.
inderji:i can’t tell u yes immediately.1st let me hear ur song.

Sanskar gets tensed.so his voice does’nt come out properly.he was very weak in singing.
inderji becomes angry:this is ur song?And u r so prou.u want 2 sing in my movie?rubbish.
Swara:Dad…it’s not like that.
Inder does’nt even listen 2 Swara’s words.
He goes away.
Swara:Sanskar,why r u getting tensed?u were so energetic.But you were shivering while singing.
Sanskar:i dunno how it happened.Seeing inderji in front of me I could’nt sing properly

she:anyways,u hav 2 take practice daily.
Sanskar goes 2 see inderji in his house.
he becomes angry:why r u here again?i told u ..,u can’t sing,so no chance 4 u.
he becomes sad.but he does’nt show that.
he:no problem sir.plz giv me sum other job.i’ve financial problems.
inderji:can u do cooking?
Sanskar was confused. Swara shows action 2 tell yes from a small distance. so
Sanskar shakes his head.
inderji:u know cooking?
Sanskar:yes sir.
inderji:so 2day onwards u can do cooking here as our cook left due to health reason.
Sanskar is shocked:As a cook?
Inder:Why?You don’t want this job?
Sanskar:ok sir. I will do cooking.
inderji goes.
Sanskar:Swara,i dunno cooking at all.
Swara:its ok,i’ll help u.Sanskar,its a gud chance 2 get close 2 my dad.u’ll get a chance 2 prove ur talent. Sanskar smiles:thats my hope.

Sanskar serves food to Inder.he was tensed about inderji’s reaction.
inderji tastes it:u r a gud cook.
Sanskar is relieved.
Sanskar:thanku sir.i’m also a singer.
inderji teases:that i know.that day i had heard ur song.
Sanskar:sir…thats bcoz of my tension.
inderji does’nt mind it.
he feels it funny. Sanskar is dull.
Swara consoles him.

Sanskar goes back home.he sees Ragini’s bike.he goes & touches it smoothly.He imagines Ragini sitting there and kisses it.Suddenly he hears a laughter.it was shamit’s.
Sanskar gets embarrassed:full of dust.i was cleaning it..
shamit smiles & goes out with his cricket bat.
Sanskar:I don’t know what that boy thinks about me now.It was really embarrassing.

In the evening…
Shamit:Ragini didi..you know …that guy who stays in the guest house…Sanskar…he kissed your bike.
Ragini can’t believe it:What?
Shamit:Yes didi..he kissed your bike.

Ragini smiles:Really?Are you sure?
Shamit:Yes didi..I saw it with my eyes.But he said he was wiping the dust in your bike.
Ragini smirks:Oh really! naughty Sanskar…guess you are getting crazy for me.

Ragini brings a plate full of chocolates, jalebies & ladoos without others’ knowledge & keeps it on Sanskar’s table through the window.she hoped that seeing this he will search 4 her.
Ragini hides herself 2 see Sanskar’s reaction seeing it. Sanskar had seen it, but hid himself from Ragini. He smirks he cud guess Ragini’s plan.so he pretends 2 be crazy about these sweets.he does’nt look 4 her,instead of that he eats it fast as if he was starving 4 1 week.Ragini becomes angry and irritated seeing it

& goes away.seeing it,Sanskar laughs.he finds it funny.
Sanskar:Drama queen Ragini..you look so cute in an embarrassed state.

Ragini goes inside and takes a paper.She writes something in anger.She keeps that paper piece on Sanskar’s table through the window and goes.Sanskar sees the paper,
Sanskar smiles:Guess this girl is crazy for me.Immature childish girl must have written I love you.
He takes it and reads..”fool,bl**dy fool….”
Sanskar becomes angry.

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