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Kalash 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co

Scene 1
Ankush says i want more, i am robber, if you dont give me money then i will tell your truth to your husband, i will upload on internet, people will know that you ad physical relation with me even after being married. Shweta says Vikas is in my life now, Ankush says i am giving you one chance but you have to pay the price, Devika thinks oh my God, Shweta was having extra marital relation with this guy, she is so cheap, she destroyed my married life, she has been unfaithful to vikas and he doesnt even know that, she wants to murder me and now i have got weapon against her, Ambe Maa have brought it infront of me, i will answer her back now, if i was Devika then i would have tried to save her but not now, you get what you do.
Nivi says to Saket that we can arrange one more party to kill

Ambika, it can be Vikas and Shweta’s anniversary party, we will make good plan not like that bomb plan, Saket says it was good plan but janki saved her, dont worry i will make this party memorable for everyone. Nivi is shocked to see Ravi standing behind him, he comes inside and asks which party? Nivi says Vikas and Shweta’s anniversary party, we were planning that, Vikas always arrange it so we want to organize it for him now, Shweta is Saket’s sister so he wants special party, Saket says she is my only sister so i have to arrange it, Ravi says if you need my help then tell me, he leaves.
Ravi comes out of room and thinks why Saket was excited about their party? he doesnt even talk to Shweta and Vikas, Nivi is part of family but what Saket is thinking? he can harm Ambika because he loves her, i need to relax, Vikas and Shweta will be so happy to have party but why Saket is doing it? someone wants to kill Ambika but this time i will be alert in party, i will be her shadow, i would kill anyone who tried to harm her.
Nivi says to Saket that i dont know if Ravi listened our talk, if he doubts us then he will be shadow of Ambika in party, Saket says she wont be saved this time, Nivi says i will keep Ravi away from Ambika.
Shweta says to Ankush that i will do something about money, she leaves. Devika is hiding behind window, she mistakenly makes noise, ankush goes to check but she runs away.

Scene 2
Shweta comes to her room, Vikas asks what happened? why tears in your eyes? i cant see you sad like this, we will solve problems, tell me, Shweta hugs him and says i cant live without you, dont leave me, Vikas says why you are saying this? i wont leave you, Shweta says i saw dream in which you left me, Vikas says i will be with you for life, we will live happily together, Shweta hugs him and is scared.
Devika comes to her room and says i cant believe Shweta had affair, how can she do this with Vikas? he will feel so bad, i am cringing thinking about Shweta, i should call Janki and tell her. She is about to call her but says its night, i will call her tomorrow morning but what should i do? Ravi comes there and asks what are you thinking? she says nothing, Ravi says i want to think too, we will pace in room together, we will have night walk too, Devika says whats your problem? will you ever be serious? you dont care if someone is in bad mood or not, Ravi says i am very serious, you would have to take me ICU, Devika says dont irritate me, Ravi says tell me answer, do you have headache? she says but you dont care, Ravi says i gave you medicine, Ravi says i will give you medicine again, Devika says just stop talking then i will be fine, Ravi says come to doctor with me, she says no, he pulls her but she pulls him back, they fall on bed and share eyelock, Ravi says you have to go to doctor, she says i wont go, dont force me, Ravi says we will see if my love wins or your stubbornness, Devika says you need medicine to set your mind, Ravi says make me eat with your hands, Devika says you flirt with all girls like this, Ravi says what if we behave like girlfriend and boyfriend? Devika says i am leaving room to get water but when i comeback, i want you silent, she leaves.

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