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Twinj OS- Love in Line..(happy birthday twinjsidmin)

Hry guys ??.

With a OS on special occassion..

Happy Birthday TwinjSidmin ?…
Many many happy returns of the day…
Party hard humein bhi do??..

This is just for fun. Not hard feelings related?

Here we go..

November 8, 2016

The scene starte with kunj sitting in the room of his apartment and watching TV.

He was like always changing channels but a specific channel caught his mind as well as many people in our country.

P.M. Modi announced that notes of 500 and 1000 are being banned by midnight??.

This was a shock to all the people of the country. Some were laughing and appreciating the decision and some became highly tensed.

Kunj was not able to believe his eyes and ears and kept watching the news till 12 am in the hope that it may be a prank but nothing like that happened?..

“Beta kunj tu toh gya.. what was the need to spend all money today itself.. huhh you could have saved the notes?” he thought.

These two days were passed somehow..

On November 11,2016.

Like everyone. He went and stand in a queue to get notes from A.T.M.?.. (sare gareeb ho gye ek din mein??.).

A long line was seen before him and he kept on playing with his hands or something nearby to pass time as the line moves very slowly??…

Some one pushed him from behind and he collided to a person standing in front of him… oopppss…
The person turned and it is revealed to be twinkle..

“Hehe. Sorry. Someone pushed me ” he said nervously moving his hand from his hair.

“Its okay” she said and turned being a understanding person.

Kunj thought to pass time with her ?..

“Are you here to withdraw cash.?” He asked..

“Na. To watch movie.” She said.??.

“Okk. Which one.?” He asked again.( bezti ksrvao toh ache se??).

“LOAFER” she replied??..

“hey u cnt abuse me”

” i told the name of the movie?”
“Do you have water?” He asked.

She took a bottel from her bag and passed to him.

They keep on talking and fighting for small reasons while they finally reached near A.T.M and withdraw the cash.

“Coffee..?” Kunj asked.

“No. Thanks. I am in hurry.” She replied.

” lier.” He said.

“Ok. I lied. But why should i go on a coffee with a stranger” she asked.

“ hurts. I thought we are friends.”he said dramatically.
“A friend even whose name even i dont know” she said.

“Ahaaa…. this is the problem but no problem till i m here. Hey my name is Kunj Sarna.. naam toh suna hi hoga” he said.

“Nhi suna?.. btw i m Twinkle” she said.
“Twinkle Twinkle little star wali?” he asked.

“Huhhh” she said and moved forward.

“Oops sorry yaar.. i was just kidding. Pleasee sorry ” he saiid with a cute pouty face..

Haye who can ignore his request..

“Ok.. but change your expressions” she said.

He changed his expressions immdiately.

“So CCD..?” He asked.

Twinkle sarted laughing out of loud..??..

“Ghar chlte hai.. wahan coffee pee lenge.. CCD wale paise hai??..” she said.

“hehe… nhi?” kunj said

“But not today. Next time when we will meet” she said and left.

kunj smiled and thought “mamla set hai??.
But when she will meet me again?..
ullu banaya mujje??”

And left the place..

After that day whole time he was busy in her thoughts just wished to meet her. Meeting of few hours left a deep inpact on his heart.
he just want to meet her again. Dont know why.

Ater few days..

He was again standing in the line..
And someone pushed him from behind. He became hell angry and turned back and was about to shout when he saw that angelic ?or twinkling face again?.

“Hey ” he said.

“Hii” she replied.

They again talked alot because the line was very long for withdrawing cash??..

It didnt looked they met with each other for only 2 times. It seems they know each other from a long time?..

After 5 hours,

“Hey Yuvraj i am coming baba, wait for me” she said being on call..

Kunj listened it and hearing yuvraj’s name he thought to hear more.

“Awww… i love you too baby” she said being on call.

Kunj felt a deep pain in his heart without saying and taking money??.. he left the place.

While twinkle looked at him leaving and tried to call him but he didnt stopped. She felt a little weird and even bad.

She dont know why..

She went get some cash and left for home lost in thoughts.

Know she wanted to see him and wanted to know the reason of his behaviour.

While kunj was feeling bad and even cried.
Then he realised his feelings for her.
He wanted to meet her but he knows she cant be his.

On the other hand..

Twinkle was seen sitting in the room when yuvraj entered the room..

“Twinkle what happened..?? Why are you soo lost in this 5 days? ” he asked being concerned.

“Nothing” she said with a smile trying to cheer up.

“Twinkle i know you more than you know yourself” he said.

Twinkle then knew there is no way to hide something from him and told him anything.

He saw her in disbelief and then started laughing after a minute????…

“O my god! My baby sister is in love❤” he said.

“Bhai..!! Aisa kuch nhi hai” she said getting angry.

“Ahahaha.. chehre pe saaf saaf likhahai fir bhi jhoot??” he said..
“Okk answer my few questions” he continued.

“Okay ” she said.

“Do you want to meet him and be with him?” He asked.

“Hmm….yes i like it somewhere. But we are friends thats why” she said and defended herself.

“Okk. Do you feel same for other friends too. Does it affect you this much when you dont meet them”

“Naah.. nothing like that. ”

“Can you see him with some other girl.?”he asked.
“I will kill that girl” she said in a flow?..

“Hehehehe… aur kya chahiye proof tujhe. Isse zyada mujhe nhi ata…(mujhe v?). And agr tune apni feeling jld nhi samjhi. Then you have to see him marrying some one else. For uske bachon ki babysitting krio??” saying this he starts to leave.

“Bhai. I love him. And i love you tooo”she said and hugged him.

She realised her feelings. Felt shy. Bluushhes on her own thoughts and most important she thought will she be able to meet him again?

She asked the same from yuvraj.

“If he loves you and your love is true. You will find him at the same place ” he said and left.

After few days.

Both were dying to meet each other
Kunj even aftrr knowing she cant be his but still he was not able to stop himself to meet her.

While twinkle wanted to confess her feelings to him.


She was coming back from A.T.M when she saw kunj standing in line??…

She moved towards him..

“Hey kunj”

“Ooo…hi” he replied.

“So wats up?”

“nothing yaar.. tum batao..?” He said

“Wohh.. i love someone” she said.

“O. Great. But i know. You were talking on phone that day. Sorry but i heard.” He said

twinkle get everything thay why he left her and was happy that he tol have feeling for her and felt jealous for her..

“That was my brother” she said

Kunj eyes shined for a minute on hearing brother but again he remember that she now loves someone else.

“Soo.. who is the lucky guy.?? Vaise congrats” he said and moved forward as the line moved..

Twinkle felt that he is sad and is getting jealoused of himself??.. so she thought not to tease him more.

While kunj was having tears in his eyes which was not falling down.
He heard some voice.

“I love you kunj” she said but he thought that his ears are ringing??..

He came to senses when someone between the line said him to see behind.

What he saw was shocking.. he never thought this would ever happen and in this way at this place.

He saw twinkle sitting on her knee holding a 2000 rs note in her hand as a flower and confesssing her love him???…

Kunj went near her and asked her what is all this

“I love you kunj. I love you soo much. First sight love. I was never so close and never felt this much comfortable and attached to someone.
I love you. “She said.

Now the tears in his eyes fell down but for happiness. The feelings of the tears changed.

He came towards her and made her stand and hugged her tight.

“I love you too twinkle. I love you soo much.
I dont know but this 2 meeting were best for me. It gave me my life.” He confessed.

“2 nhi 3” she said.

They both parted away and laughed.

At last joined there forhead and stopd there.

While people around clapped for them.

—–THE END————-

I respect the wise decision taken by our P.M.
Many people were saying that this thing broke many relations and marriages.. but even some are fixed too??…


how was this guys..?? I am sachiii soooooo soorryyyyy if you find it boring soool sooooryyyy…

Do leave your comments and do tell me your views.. chahe ande tamatar maro??…

Love you all…❤

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