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We dont know when love comes in our life (Epi 1)

Hi ishqbazzians iam first time writting ff i will straitly go to epi
Epi 1

A big banglow shows
A room which was fully decorated with flowers

A girl sleeping on abed by over covering her face
Person1: getup its already late
Person 2: if u want go late ur seminor then u sleep
Girl removes her bedsheet show her face & that was anika

Some times before
A big banglow
In hall manage stands in front of a person
Person : he throw some papers on manager hesays u have cheated us i dont forgive u
Manager : sir plz give me a chance
Person 2: if we give a chance then its chance for anofher mistake he call security
They take manager away
Person 1ask one servent where is she
Servant says she was sleeping
They both go to a room which was fully decorated with flowers

Person1 sid: get up anika its already late
Person 2vikram : if u want to go late to ur seminor then u sleep anika get up goto vikram and says good morning baiyya

Sid : am also there
Anika: she hugs & says good morning chote baiyya
Now the charecter
Vikram rana prathap : big bro of anika a sensitive bussiness tycon with sensible heart love his sister to the core
Siddharth vikram rana : second bro anika
Rude bussiness tycon he also love his sister bothare rivals to oberois
Anika rana prathap : a bold girl hides her identity to enjou her freedom
Love her brothers too
And thats all for today plz give ur comments then i will continue my ff

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