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Udaan – Suraj and Chakor’s love story to begin

Media wants to make a documentary on Chakor’s life. Chakor and Suraj argue, while Vivaan and Imli argue. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ragini enjoy their arguments. Chakor is a national level runner.

The director’s question on Chakor’s love life and her relation with Vivaan makes Suraj furious. Suraj asks Chakor why did she come to stay with him in haveli, when he did not ask her. Chakor asks him to respect wife as a good man does. Director sees them arguing. To cover up Chakor and Suraj’s fight, even Vivaan and Imli start arguing. Chakor and Suraj are getting close. Bhaiya ji has planned to gift a new bandhua stamp to Chakor and entire villagers. Will Chakor and Suraj’s love story end before beginning? Keep reading.

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