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My life, my love .. A ragsan ff (Prologue)

Hi guys… i’m writing my first ff. Its a ragsan ff. Please do comment…

Ragini’s pov
She felt drained …physically and emotionally. She never questioned her elders, always agreed on their terms . laksh…. even before seeing him , she had agreed to marry him. And when first saw she had fallen deeply for him. But as always fate again played his never ending surprise game with her. On the most important day of her life, her wedding day she was left alone b her so called love . she was ditched in the altar by laksh for swara , her beloved sister.
And now here she was ..walking alone in the lonely road of life , the heavy rain hiding her tears.
Sanskar’s pov
She was missing.. ragini was missing ….oh dear god..where is she?? Our family was searching for her for the past few hours..yet no sign was found ..where is this woman?? Suddenly a thought struck me!! What if she had done something to herself..no no nothing can happen to her ..oh god what have you done sanskar!! In the name of your stupid revenge , what have you done to yourself , to your family , her family, swara, your little darling brother laksh and most importantly, how could you do this to an innocent girl??what have you become sanskar?? A monster!!

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